Cls, are they like crack??

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  1. I wonder if something is seriously wrong with me. It's like i'm not getting as much of a high as I used to when I first started collecting...just like crack, I need more to feel the same high I had for one in the begining. Just recently I got the Yokamia's which I thought weren't going to be mine but they are now... and i'm not as excited as I am as the fact that I have two more pairs literally, it takes 2-3 shoes to give me the same feeling as the one. Anyone else feeling like this?
  2. Haha, I don't know if I need more, but my "high" doesn't last as long as it used to. :P
  3. Same! I get a high from 1 pair just because I space out my purchases as much as possible, but I start feeling the need for another 'high' sooner than I used to!
  4. I kinda miss that heart fluttering feeling!!! with the music playing in the background...and stars floating around (i'm seriously kidding)... but I guess it's not as suprising anymore, i guess. Once spending 800$ on shoes seems normal i guess it's downhill in the heart fluttering dept. Buying on ebay still gets my adrenaline rushing though! only if it's a bidding war, though...but that's with any ebay purchase.
  5. liza - you are too funny! but so right. I agree ... for me it's both more crack and crack more often!!!

    my Biancas high was truly like my first time! But now, I want the grey python, too!
  6. I think its necessary to keep the "high"
  7. i think i get more of that "high" lol when i get a good deal. like WOW i could have spent $xxx on this and i got it for $xxx.
  8. Liza, im with surly ... you are too funny. Is this your way of trying to avoid buying something?!!! :P The way i see it is i dont drink huge amounts and i no longer smoke .. gave up 2 years ago .. so i need another 'addiction'

    Laureen, you took the words right out of my mouth ... the high doesnt last as long these days! Im not on a ban as such buy im trying so hard not to buy anything i dont actually crave.
  9. ^ haha! I try and use that on my husband "but babe, i saved $300!!" he replies " I don't care how much you saved, I care about how much you spent!!" lol....

    savvy- lol, it should!
  10. Ooooooh... totally...... cough cough BARCELONAS cough cough....
  11. Such a man thing to say...
  12. I love the "I got them for a steal" high!
  13. I love the thrill of getting a deal too but I totally agree. I thought that getting my first pair would provide enough of a high to last a while but nope, lasted 2 weeks. Then I got my second pair, lasted 1 week. Now I need more! I have never had an addictive personality until I discovered MJ handbags, then Yurman & Tiffany Jewelry, now CLs.
  14. i think i must have been high off my other pair which caused me to buy these ones as well!!

    bag addictions are too costly, shoes i can afford! lol
  15. OMG. the OP is right on the money for me. I used to get a new pair and wear them around the house constantly for the first few days and be literally obsessed with them. Now they come out for a few moments then back in the box until the right outfit/occasion. Def. need more to get the high that I used to.