CLs and dating

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  1. So the interview thread got me thinking, too, about what we tell our potential significant others about our shoe habits! Do you wear CLs on dates? Do guys usually know what they are? And when does your guy find out how much you spend on shoes? What is his reaction?

    I love wearing my CLs :P, but I'm always scared that I will scare off guys with my "shallow obsessing" :nogood: I don't expect anyone to buy me CLs, and I'm not a "high maintenance" girl either. But I guess if a relationship gets long-term or serious, the guy will eventually find out where my money is going! Dudes have their toys, too, but I don't expect them to sympathize with how I'm spending my money.

    What has been your experience with men and CLs?
  2. oh my! this is too funny cuz i was once asked the same question by my coworker, who is a guy. he caught me shoe window shopping online at the office! he was cool tho he was just wondering the same about what would my SO think. If the relationship isnt serious then its not a need for him to know. of course if ive been dating the guy for a year or so then i'd tell him or he'd find out sum how. i always throw in the 'guys obsess over cars and electronics' line anyway! most of these guys dont even know about designer shoes anyway! they just be like 'cool shoes' :P
  3. I never really thought about this cllover. When I met DH, we were both in college (read: broke), and I was your typical woman in engineering school. Jeans/sweatshirts/sneakers, hair in a ponytail, minimal or no makeup, and very handy with fixing a computer. About a year after we got married, I changed my major to art, and discovered real clothes and of course, CL. Now DH says I falsely advertised at first :P So, he's always known (approximately) how much my shoes cost. I usually pay for them myself but every once in a while he'll treat me to a pair. He seems truly confused as to why I pay what I do for shoes, but you're right - everyone has their "toys." His hobby is sport shooting, and he loves technology and gadgets, which are easily as expensive.

    I doubt most men would have any clue what a CL shoe is, unless another woman they know has told them. They might think it's a sexy shoe, but I bet that's it. If I'd had CL's when I was dating, I totally would have worn them as a first date shoe.
  4. I got my first CL's only about 6 months ago, and I've been with my SO for 3 years, so I've never had to worry about CL's and dating.

    as for what my SO thinks... he knew I was into high end designer things when he first met me, only it was LV and Chloe bags back then. He bought me CL's for my birthday and Christmas, so he can't hate them that much. He despises TPF though and thinks that it has made me shoe crazy (true).
  5. I will make sure my man knows what i like. Because I don't want him to have a heart attack or make comments about the prices. Thankfully, Big Him doesn't have a problem with it....
  6. LOL about men and their gadgets. Before CLs, I had no interest in designer shoes, and even now, it's only shoes. I've only been into them for the past 6 months as well, and my then-boyfriend always claimed that I made him feel guilty for seeming materialistic. So he was actually relieved that I had an expensive obsession - and he bought me my first pair. We're still friends, and he likes to make fun of me for them, but I'm scared that my next bf will not be as understanding. But you're right, niccig, I doubt most men would know what CLs are!

  7. This sounds just like the story of my life! SO doesn't mind how much I spend on designer clothes/shoes because he has known that about me from the beginning but he HATES TPF. He thinks it has made me crazy and obsessed. I must admit... I am on the computer a lot more now that I have found TPF !
  8. We have argued about my shoes before but as long as he's not paying for them, he has no say.

    My bf and his friends tease me about TPF. I always bring my laptop to our friend's house and whenever they look on my screen they will be like 'omg, shes on the purse forum!' lol
  9. My SO was a little wary of tPF at first, but I think that once he realized it's a friendly and supporting place, he was okay with it. It doesn't help my addiction, though, haha. He loves the way CLs look on me, but doesn't like the price tag. But, he hasn't bought any for me yet, and he knows that I do my best to find the best prices.
  10. i've never had any problems. i have had boyfriends in the past say they like my shoes, which is good. i'm not married, but i had a boyfriend for a few years who didn't mind my purchases as long as i never went into debt and could still pay all my bills on time every month.
  11. me n dating n CLs....
    my previous beau or whatever he is now... (still in limbo) when i got my first pair he just didn't understand y i would spend so much on a pair... i justified it by saying i saved up for ages for them... and then a week later my second pair... and he gave me this look like you've got so many shoes y do u have to spend so much on shoes? but but but my come back was that he spends loads on his car, and as long as i dont surpass that amount he spend on his car which makes him happy, the amount i spend on cls is justifiable as it makes me happy.

    but now im kinda back on the dating scene... i've realised... that there are no tall decent dudes in london (no offense)...

    But in hk i met this dude (le crush) and hes like an inch taller than me without my heels, i felt real bad wearing my heels and then i got over it and thought they look good y the hell now?
  12. My BF thinks the whole thing is weird LOL He can't understand why I need more shoes when I haven't grown more feet and he's another one who really dislikes TPF or 'talking to the shoe people' as he puts it (he makes it sound as though I have little pixies living behind the sofa or something :rolleyes:)
  13. I dont hv a SO but I would wear my CLs out on a 1st date if it they went with my outfit. E'one has a expensive habit, 1 way or another, so if the guy sweats my shoe habit that early one, like a 1st or 2nd date, then maybe we shouldn't hang out!
  14. I don't have problems with my shopping habits with my DBF & TPF. He knows how much they cost and how many pairs I have. ... he is ok as long as I dont just leave them in the closet and dont wear /use them !!

    He thinks is funny that we are talking to each other about clothes , shoes and bags and became friends with each other ! He call everyone on TPF "the forum people" and try to keep himself up to date with all the new and soon to be release !
  15. My SO (I've been with him for almost 10-years) thinks all women are pretty foolish with their money. It could be in the stock market (we know where that got everybody) or a bank earning compounded interest. He is however slowly coming to grips that they're that expensive. I don't really show him any of my purchases or talk about them and they get delivered (timing is everything) when he's on a trip (airline guy).

    He could care less about TPF. He thinks its amusing more than anything else that women are so obsessed with shoes and bags that there's actually a place on the interent to convene and talk about it.