~~~clp moo em's~~~ Triple Reveal~~~

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  1. I love mine too congrats on your :smile:

    Thank you, i couldn't resist the ipad case is a beauty and the cufflinks look lovely on

    Thank you , i think im the lucky one as DH puts up with my bag obsession lol :smile:
  2. Love the ipad case and cufflinks :smile: I already have the camera case in oak, and I'm so tempted to order one in black as well after seeing your photo :wondering
  3. Go for it i love mine and that would be such a cute pair :smile:
  4. Lovely bag & how sweet of you to think of DH....must remember that next time I buy for myself & then maybe he won't be so mad that I've bought a bag
  5. Beautiful choices :biggrin:, I particularly love the iPad cover, think I need to start branching into small leathers...
  6. I caved in last night and ordered it :biggrin: I have a wedding anniversary coming up in a few days so I just told my OH that I'd bought my present from him :lol:
  7. DH is very lucky! Those are perfect items! And that bag is adorable!
  8. LOL that is just like me! :smile:
  9. Thank you :smile: The ipad case is one of the best most functional designs ive seen.
  10. Thank Addy :smile: