~~~clp moo em's~~~ Triple Reveal~~~

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  1. Nice bag. I also love de iPad cover. (If I ever get an iPad.........), and your husband must be very pleased as well. congrats
  2. Go for it, the price is great and i would say it is a classic shape/style/colours oak and black.
    Mywardrobe.com has them with some enabling modelling pics still at full price as a classic they didnt go into there sale and it hold more than you think.
  3. He is very happy with them. Thanks for you kind comments :smile:
  4. Great buys! I love my oak camera bag, very handy and suprisingly roomy
  5. Thank you! I was so suprised by the room inside as from the pics on M.com it looks small:smile:
  6. We are bag twins! I got the black camera bag in the sale, I love it!
  7. I love the silky snake print one but I think my boyfriend would not be impressed with ANOTHER mulberry!! haha! I am holding out for the foxglove nays but I feel I have well and truly missed the boat with that one.....
  8. I too scored the black camera bag in the sales. It's my 1st Mulberry too.. I picked up a really distressed leather one. For the sale price its a smart little hands free bag.
  9. Nice items there and I like your idea of not letting your husband miss out on all the fun!
  10. Lush leathers, gorgeous and lucky, lucky husband......

  11. Great buys!!
    Hopefully my oak camera bag will arrive tomorrow! :biggrin: cant wait!!
    Is your alexa the regular size? I am considering the alexa, bit in OS and black colour.
  12. lovely reveals! i snagged myself a black camera bag too :smile: what are the cufflinks like? i've often thought about getting some for my dad and boyfriend
  13. The cufflink look lovely on and i think they are not too high a price point compared to other premier designers they make a great gift my husband loves them.
    I would say go have a look in store to decide as some were quite large IMO the round sandwich one are a perfect size.
    Congrats on your camera bag too :smile:
  14. Im sure you will love your bag i know i do mine.
    My Alexa is regular and i would say it is a great size, i found the OS to look big on me my height is 5'5 so im average height.
    You should compare the two in store
  15. Congrats to you. I love mine such a cute compact hands free