Cloverfield her BOOTTTTSSS

  1. WOW i just saw Cloverfield and the main actress with the short curly hair is wearing some hot brown zip up wedge boots.. Has anyone seen the movie and those boots? Who designed them? Or anything similar. Tall brown Wedge boots zip up i want them in black though. Thanks
  2. Do you have a pic?
  3. I saw them; I kept wondering how these girls are running for their lives in three inch heels! I would've taken them off and tried to find a shoe store to loot!
  4. i dont have pics.. maybe i can find some..
  5. Haha! Did you notice, after they rescued Beth, the girl in the cocktail dress (I forget her name) had changed from high-heeled sandals into metalic flats? Guess she raided Beth's closet.
  6. Hass anybody figured what they are?