Clover Sophia or Teal Maggie???? Help!

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  1. I pose this question before I go to bed. I called my local Coach store because I am NOT receiving the PCE, and they agreed to honor. :yahoo: I did a pre-sale for the Clover Sophia but I keep hearing that the Ocean Teal Maggie is TDF.

    Should I stick with the Sophia, or go for the Maggie? I can't afford to do both.

    (Is the Maggie Patent or the Regular Mia Leather? Everything I've read points to regular.)
  2. Yes the ocean teal maggie is regular leather...and everyone is going nutto about it.
    But...people are also going crazy for Sophia too...
    But my vote goes for the Maggie.
  3. the colours are two totally different shades!! I'd say the clover is more green yellow (green that looks like it has a hint of yellow added) and the ocean is more of a blue with hints of green added

    both gorgeous colours!!

    personally I prefer the Sophia because Maggie has been out so many times I'm sort of tired of it personally. I wanted a new shape. also I'm not a huge fan of having separate compartments anymore. there was a phrase where I was like, okay, this makes finding things easier--but then I realized I can't put big stuff into it, only lots of little stuff if that makes sense--because the overall space is divided into three smaller shapes..

    I can fit a 20oz tumbler into my bag just find and still have room left over for my wallet, phone, small pouch and it's still not filled to the top :smile:
  4. I'd go for the Teal Maggie for sure, it's gorgeous and elegant! I saw the clover Sophia today and felt a bit blinded by the bright "minty" green, lol. I actually liked the style, but the color was way too bright for me. It had a bright blue lining that was pretty but added to the "brightness" for me. The leather did have a nice feel, though.

    Edit: Just realized I said "bright" 4 times in that post ... can't think of a better word, though.

    BTW, my SA checked on the clover Sophia and said there were only like 17 left (I can't remember the exact number but it was low). But he also said the bag went to every store, so every store, not just flagships, should have one or two.
  5. ^that's what I love about it, the color pops ;)

    I think there's a good amount of clover least a few hundreds in stores so no's about three average in regular stores and about 7-15 in flagships but there's only about thirty flag ships :smile:
  6. This is really tough because both bags are beautiful from what I've seen. Do you own the Kristin in your avatar? Though the Clover and Turquoise Kristin are different I am sure, the Maggie is more in the blue family where Kristin and Clover more on the green side....for variety I say go for the Maggie. Also the styles are very different, where the Kristin is a satchel the Maggie is a shoulder bag. But close call, I feel your dilemma!
  7. I wuld prefer the Teal Maggie as I love the colour teal & Maggie itself. I'm not a big fan of Sophia so I'll give that a miss....
  8. I fondled:Pthe Teal Maggie yesterday, and she is beautiful. I like that they have gone back to the original pleat - I like that look much better.
  9. I saw and held the teal maggie in my hands yesterday - I needed my tank for this color - she is HOT!!!!!!!!!!
  10. tealllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I 2nd that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Thanks so much for everyone's replies! I will have to ask to see the Teal IRL when I go into the store Sat. I do own the Kristin is my avatar, and was wondering if the Clover Sophia would be in the same "family" I have a Madison Maggie in black as well though...and, although they are quasi different styles, they are pretty close!

    This decision is so HARD! :confused1: Keep your opinions coming!
  13. I third that
  14. The teal gets my vote; the clover seems too faddish for me, I like to be able to use my purses for a long time.
  15. Hmmm - now you are making me wonder. I like blue-greens, not yellow-greens, and the reason I liked the clover in your pictures is because it looked blue-green. I don't want another Maggie though - I have the Midnight which still has tags on, but I don't think I would like the teal more than it - I'd wanted a bag in that color for a while now, and the bone croc Maggie, so I'm done with Maggie. 2 of any purse is all I want. And I agree - Maggie is getting kinda long in the tooth now - she's been around for quite some time (she says having 2 with tags still attached).

    I hope I like the clover. Bummer.