Clover Print--

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  1. Does anyone know if this print will be available in other styles?
    I already have a Sophia so I didn't want to buy another of this style.
    I know that you can get it in a wristlet and swing pack but I'm wondering about full size bags.
  2. I actually just tried to find this out yesterday. I found the hobo on the China website, but when I e-mailed Coach, they said it's not available for order here in the US. I've attached the drilldown pic for reference. I want this bag and I hope that maybe it'll become available later on.

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  3. Oh and I forgot they had this bag too. On the site it's called Emma. I didn't check if this was available for order here.

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  4. Thank you so much for helping me out! Glad to see that you like this print too!

    I love those bags! I wonder why Caoch wouldn't make them available to us? I'd bet that they would be very popular in those styles!
  5. i am sure they will be soon. Coach lies sometimes lol
  6. The Emma in the clover print is gorgeous!!! I hope it comes out here SOON!
  7. Yeah if you go to the Coach China site, the Emma comes in other materials like leather as well. It reminds me of Julianne.
  8. The clover comes in the "pouch" style, and it is really cute. I have one!;)
    But I realize that isn't a big bag....