Clover Print Sophia

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  1. Here are some pics of the Madison Op Art Clover Print Sophia that I picked up yesterday. Style #159243, $358.

    I've been looking for a grey bag for practically forever. I'm so happy I found this one.

    Without further adieu...

    Back side:

    The inside is a beautiful rosy-lilac color. It's hard to capture it's true beauty in the pic.
  2. Pretty bag..I saw it in the store today..Love those colors..Enjoy her
  3. So pretty . . . Sophia is an amazing style!
  4. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, my store didn't have them in stock, but I ordered one....seeing your pics, I really can't wait!!
  5. Style # is 15926. I typed in the wrong number earlier. Sorry.

  6. Very Pretty!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  7. That's pretty!
  8. Such beautiful colors! Enjoy her!
  9. Congrats, that is a cute sophia, love the color combo on this one:smile:
  10. Love the clover print! Congrads!!
  11. very nice!! love the clover print! it really is a perfect grey bag but with a nice touch of color. enjoy!
  12. WOW. I absolutely LOVE this bag. Congrats!
  13. This is a beautiful bag! The print is so different!
    I was thinking that it would be $298 like the op art Maggie. Is it a bigger bag?
  14. very pretty .. is the material like sateen ?
  15. It is the large Sophia so dimensions are something like 17 x 12 x 3.

    Yes, it is sateen.