1. The beige cloudy bowler is in NY Saks... they have 2 of them..... they also have the brown vintage ligne tote!!
  2. Japs, was the brown vintage ligne tote TDF? I really have my eye on that one, moreso than Cloudy right now. Dark brown or light brown tote?
  3. it was the reddish brown - I didn't like it at all - it looked like the color of a tootsie roll and was just not right for the shine and fluffiness of the leather
  4. I received my Vintage Ligne Square bag today in the chocolate brown, and I thought it was gorgeous. Personally, it was an amazing color of brown. I fell in love right away. I have the Vintage Ligne tote coming Monday, and I don't know which one I'll send back. :yes: Maybe, I'll keep both of them...
  5. tlprmn, please post pics of the square! I am really dying to know the size of that one. It was my first choice before the tote but I'm afraid it will just hold all of my things with no room left over.

    There are two shades of brown, so japs may have seen the one that looks more cognac versus the dark brown.
  6. if you search Goldensx5 posts - she has a black square vintage. I tried it on in Saks on Tuesday and loved it.... if only they made a burgundy!!
  7. Golden's is the triangular shape. There is also a box shape, the smallest in the collection.
  8. I've only seen it in black. It was def. too tiny for my needs.
  9. Are you a career woman who carries a lot in her bag? All of my items just fit in the luxe flap with no room left over so I'm thinking the square is going to be even smaller than the flap, or maybe the same size.
  10. The small square vintage is very small...definitely a arm-held-only bag... Not too much difference in size from the Paddy Bowler from what I can recall... (But more square, less rectangular than the Paddy Bowler.)
  11. I work... but I am also a mommy... so I always have tons of crap ni my bag..... it is smaller than the flap.. it fit on my shoulder... but didn't look good!!
  12. Chanel SCP had the square in burgundy yesterday... :yes:

    Hmmm...the small square, not the shoulder tote...
  13. I'm sorry. I got the names of the bags confused. My bag is like Goldensx5, except in the dark chocolate. So many names to keep up with.
  14. Ah, that must be gorgeous! I'll be curious to see which bag you end up keeping - this one or the tote!