Cloudy Effect - where are you?

  1. Does anyone have any further info on the Cloudy Effect Bag - tried to find anything, and there wasn't much to be found! Has it been released yet, or there tentative dates if it hasn't yet?

    TIA - and please move if need be!
  2. I haven't heard of this bag. Are you talking about the Cloudy Bundle from the Fall 06 collection? Check out the reference library for photos.
  3. On the Chanel website, under the prefall collection, there's a bag that's labeled as "clody effect", but it was released as Bubble Quilt. As I did a little more digging, and looking thru the reference page, the Bubble Quilt tote is really growing on me, and I do need a black dressy purse, since I don't have one yet... :smile: I'm hoping that Santa will be nice and send it my way... :whistle: