Cloudy Bundle Tote questions

  1. Not sure if I could find one, but is it comfy on the shoulder? Do the straps stay up pretty well? Also, does it stand on its on, or does it collapse over on itself?
  2. We need Roey or ldldb here!!!!
    I have the bowler and it's pretty soft and floppy, I remember the tote is as well, not structured.
    As with the straps, they are longo and comfy on the shoulder, not a problem for me. Good luck finding one, it's beautiful.
  3. Hi,
    I just returned mine Cloudy N/S this morning (cloudy bundle in white but is more like beige color), is soft but it does not complete fall all over due to the bottom being around it is a pretty bag but I wanted it black instead.
    It was shipped to me from Saks/San Antonio, but I just returned to Saks/Costa Mesa Ca. PM me if you want the SA details.
  4. The straps are very light (no chain) but I suppose they could slide off your shoulders if you have narrow shoulders. But you could crisscross them and they stay up just fine. It is definitely soft and squishy but will not collapse over if you have a wallet or something in it--it does have a "flattish" bottom.
  5. o the cloudy bundle! gorgeous!!! i'm so sad i missed the boat on this one. :p
  6. ldldb, lovvveee your grey cloudy bundle tote ~ any chance I can get the style number to see if I can track one down myself? TIA!
  7. ^ooh I hope I still have the tags to give you the info. I'll look when I get home tonight.
  8. I know this is an old thread, but I just purchased a Cloudy Bundle N/S Tote and was curious about the shoulder straps. Anyone who owns or has owned this bag, do the straps stay on the shoulder well, or do you find they tend to slip off? Thanks.
  9. i had this bag and didnt really have an issue with the straps staying on...but with any bag, sometimes it needs to be adjusted depending on clothing you're wearing with a silk/satin blouse, it may more likely slip vs a sweater or clothing with more grip to it if that makes any sense LOL
  10. Pretty much straps on ANY totes slide off my shoulder, and this one is no exception. I just criss-cross them, and then it stays on my shoulder nicely. Love this bag so much!
  11. IMO, the straps stayed on my shoulder pretty easily. They are wider, flatter leather straps and they aren't slick. Depending on what you wear with it, they should stay on your shoulder without much hassle. The CB is so light weight too. I love that bag! Congrats!