Cloudy Bundle Tote or Vintage Ligne Tote?

Jun 14, 2008
I read up on TPF about Cloudy Bundle Tote or Vintage Ligne Tote, and they both seem to be light weight and comfortable to carry. My shoulder gets sored very easily, so they seem to be a perfect tote for me. The problem is, I cannot make up my mind and pick one over the other... I wish they were both still available at Chanel boutiques so that I can do a side by side comparison...

For those that own the two bags, or those that own one of the bags, I would very much appreciate to hear your recommendation/suggestions.

Weight: Everybody says CB is light as feather and super comfortable to carry, which sounds really good to me. How much heavier is Vintage Ligne Tote compared to CB (or compared to the large Cambon tote, since I know how much Cambon tote weights)?

Comfort: The bottom of Vintage Ligne tote seems more structured than CB. Because of that, do you find CB easier to carry?

Size: How about size comparison? I read that Vintage Ligne is about 15 inches long. CB looks just a little smaller than that. Is my observation correct?

Security: CB has one magnetic snap, whereas Vintage Ligne has a zipper closure. I like to have the content of my bag securely stored against pit pockets, so in that sense, maybe Vintage Ligne is a better choice for me? Although CB has only one magnetic snap, because of the drawstring and the bag's puffy nature, do you think it is not easy for pit pockets to get into your bag?

Trend: Which bag do you think I can carry, let's say 10 years from now? Do you think either of the styles will go out of fashion?

Durability and Maintanance: It looks like both of them are made from treated (cracked??) lambskin. Are they made from the same kind of leather? If not, which one is more durable, and which one requires more maintenance?

Thank you so much for reading my long question. I really appreciate any feedback!


Nov 26, 2008
Love my Black Cloudy Bundle Tote, my most practical and comfortable Chanel! Somehow this lambskin is very durable, no scratches whatsoever even after all these years. Am using it today!



May 18, 2007
I had a vintage ligne bag (the square box) and while it was light, the braided handles were always slipping off my shoulder. I let it go for that reason alone.
Jun 14, 2008
kewave and vhdos, thank you so much for your replies!

kewave, thanks for the photos! Your CB is sooooooo beautiful. It really looks comfy on your shoulder and looks like it sort of comforms to your body. I like that!

vhdos, good to know it is light!! Yeah, boxy ones with two handles seem to have the slipping problem. I hope the tote does not have this problem. But now that I think of it, I have a few LV totes and they have the slipping problem... :smash:


2 many Chanel bags!!
Jun 24, 2007
Chanel Land
But the vintage ligne square box is never met to be worn as a shoulder bag...

I have the cloudy bundle tote and TWO vintage ligne square boxes and let's say there's no way I am going to part with them. They are such nice bags!


Nov 17, 2006
I owned the CB tote in olive and grey and it one of the best totes made by Chanel. Soft as a pillow and durable! The hardware is also in rose gold fyi. I miss them terribly!

Kewave, after seeing yr pic, I need to find one soon!!! lol


Nov 26, 2008
For old time's sake! Cloudy bundle all the way...there you have it. Black, grey and olive! And we are missing the coral! Paging for Nat!!
Oh E, the grey CB tote is TDF, why did you sell it away?!! I'm with Miffy, don't think I'll ever part with my Cloudy Bundle! It is the most practical Chanel tote with all the wondeful things about Chanel, ie., quilted, luxurious lamsbskin (but surprisingly durable), metal CC logo, bonus-Rose Gold Hardware! :biggrin:


Oct 2, 2006
I owned both a cloudy bundle n/s, a cloudy bundle E/W and a vintage ligne n/s and can honestly say that they are two of my favorite lignes ever made by Chanel. I only parted with them because I needed the money and didn't need to carry many large items at the time. If I could choose just one of them to re-buy it would be so difficult because they each have their own traits that make them amazing. Here's my take on your questions:

Weight: Everybody it right-the CB is light as feather and super comfortable to carry. However, the vintage ligne tote is also very light. I would say that the CB is a little lighter and more comfortable to carry due to weight and dimensions (it's not as wide/not as structured of a base) and most of the savings in weight comes from the fact that the straps don't have chains woven around them (a cool selling point in design for the vl tote)

Comfort: I didn't find either of them uncomfortable to carry but like I said above, the vintage ligne tote is more structured. It has a rectangular base with a soft rectangular shape vs a round base with a free form shape. The catch is that the CB tote is less bulky but the vl tote looks a bit better when filled with various amounts of items as it holds its shape instead of conforming to the shape of the items in it.

Size: It depends which sizes you are comparing. If you're looking at the north/south cloudy bundle and north/south vintage ligne they are about the same size. However, the E/W cloudy bundle is much smaller than the E/W vintage Ligne tote.

Security: I actually never used the zipper on my vintage ligne tote, but if you live someplace where you need to worry about pick-pockets, it will definitely keep your belongings safe. The biggest plus to the vintage ligne tote is that there is a zippered pocket on the front of the bag where you can keep your keys and phone for easy access to keep them from getting lost in the bag. This is a major convenience factor that I loved about the bag. I never had a problem with stuff falling out of the cb tote, but it's definitely not as secure by design. It also doesn't look so great with the drawstring tightened IMO.

Trend: I don't think either of them is as timeless as a flap of gst. They are both a bit fun and edgy and young and that's what I loved about them. If they fit your style, that's what's important.

Durability and Maintanance: I'm not sure what the cb tote is made of, but I feel as though color will play a part in how durable the leather is. I owned a dark beige cb tote and the leather was soft as butter but a tad delicate. I also owned a black cb tote and the leather seemed less soft, more glazed and durable. That said, I would say the vintage ligne has the more durable leather. It is highly distressed calfskin that is pretty much worry-free. If anything got on mine I just wiped it off with a baby wipe and it was good to go. The vintage ligne tote is durable and smooshy soft whereas the cb tote is a little less durable but a bit more smooshy touchable soft, if that makes sense!

I don't think you can go wrong with either because they are both great bags! Please keep us posted on your purchase!