cloudy bundle tote anywhere to be found??

  1. hey ladies,
    i know the cloudy bundle tote is from 2006 but i've recently seen pictures on it here and it is sooo cute!!! i know this is gonna be hard to find but, does anyone know if it's available anywhere at all? any spottings of the last ones at your local NM or anything? what is the retail on this bag? any help is appreciated!!
  2. I'm getting mine cloudy bundle e/w tote in black $2195 (last one!) from Saks, it should be arriving tomorrow, but a few days ago there were 2 left of the N/S tote $2295 in the dirty beige/olive color at Hirshleifers/ ask for Penney (516) 627-3566
  3. thanks thegraceful1! do you know if this color is the same are the dark beige that came out in the bubble quilt this year? if so, then i might have to pass since i don't want two new bags in the exact same color. you are so lucky to get the black!! btw, can you explain the difference between the e/w cb tote and n/s cd tote to me? thanks!
  4. try chanel in ala moana mall in oahu. they had some stashed in their closet.
  5. thanks m_ichele, i will try and call them in the morning!
  6. thanks again thegraceful1. so it looks like the n/s is taller and the e/w is shorter but wider, is that right? i haven't seen either in real life so i'm wondering how much one can holdcompared to the other? is the n/s bigger than the e/w irl? thanks!
  7. Yes to both questions, N/S is bigger & taller than E/W- therefore N/S will hold ALOT of more stuff.
  8. I saw the bowler CB in my local NM in black. It's gorgeous!
  9. Nordstrom MOA has the Cloudy Bundle bowler available in black.
  10. I saw a green(olive) cloudy bundle tote at Saks in Richmond, VA today. At least, I'm pretty sure it was the tote- it was way up on one of the high shelves, and I didn't look closely enough to say that it was anything other than a large greenish cloudy bundle of some kind.