Cloudy Bundle Scandal....

  1. I saw the "white" today... it is nowhere NEAR white... it is light beige (not that light might I add).... so they basically make 2 different beiges..... ugh!! so disappointed.... its okay.... I just bought another bag to make myself feel better....
  2. Oh dear. :crybaby: ...meanwhile, which bag did you buy today, japskivt? :P
  3. So white is beige and beige is dark beige/slight-taupe/ drab green (I still don't know how to describe the color of the bag they call beige...
  4. Japs, tell us about the leather. Were you impressed or bored? :biggrin:
  5. :search:where'd you go!?
    Come back and tell us more!
  6. You can't just leave us hanging like that!
  7. Japs, Is that baby getting in the way of you passing on more info?;)
    did you sneak a picture of it by any chance?? I'm sure the Chanel staff would love that!!
    Is it as beige as the cambon beige? Want to see....Want to see....Want to see....Want to see....Want to see....Want to see....
  8. sorry.... had to go pay a respect call w/ PHH... the leather is gorgeous... I think I want the black (I saw the black bowler and it was very nice)..... I can't explain the beige... it was a gorgeous neutral.... great w/ blacks and browns...... just NOT white..... I bought a SURPRISE.... I will post when it arrives next week!!!
  9. Oh no, the leather is nice. I so did not want to hear that. Nicer than the vintage ligne?

    When is your brown diamond stitch tote arriving?!
  10. Yeah, I cant wait to see your pics of your brown diamond stitch tote!
  11. Its really soft... but not wrinkly like the vintage ligne... I am totally getting the bag... I was just sad that it isn't WHITE....

    the brown SHOULD be coming soon.. it was shipped out on Thursday!!
  12. Japs, how does the beige cloudy compare to the beige cambon? I have the beige reporter and anything lighter might be too light.
  13. You can't compare b/c the cloudy is cloudy and blended... its amazing..... its in the same family though
  14. Some posted in another thread that the cloudy bundle leather is very thin. Add that to soft and it sounds like a recipe for disaster with time and use. You should take your camera in next time and snap some pics. Most boutiques won't mind (tell them they might get some business!).
  15. Its not thin.... So Cal has it.... It was very nice & smooth