Cloudy Bundle or Modern Chain


Which bag do you like more?

  1. Cloudy Bundle tote in Black

  2. Modern Chain tote in Red

  3. Modern Chain tote in Black

  4. None of the above

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  1. Help!! I am so torn!!

    I am waiting for so many bags now I am starting to loose track....

    But mainly I am thinking either Cloudy Bundle tote (in black either eastwest or northsouth) or Modern Chain tote (in red or black, either big or small).....

    I am normally not into big logo, but the more I look at the picture of the modern chain bag on NM ad, the more I like it. White looks nice, but I don't want white bag, I am thinking red, though I don't know what kind of red it will be....if I don't like that red then I will pick black....

    But I am also attracted to the cloudy bundle ever since I saw Rachel carried hers! But I am more into the east west version....but I heard a TPFer said the bag doesn't look as good as she thought it would be as shown on Rachel's pic.....BUT I like that I can carry it on my shoulder.....the modern chain tote on the other hand is a hand-carried bag!!

    Which should I choose!!??? :confused1:
    Modern Chain.jpg A33458 from the Cloudy Bundle collection $2295 pic 2.jpg
  2. I'm not feeling the Cloudy Bundle. Looks kind of messy or something I can't quite put my finger on. The Modern chain in black would be hot!
  3. They make a modern chain that you can wear on your shoulder... I'm on the list for that in red!!!
  4. I second that motion...modern chain shoulder bag in red or black!
  5. Are you gals referring to the hobo?? I don't like hobo style though.
  6. I agree! Modern Chain is gorgeous! I would definitely choose it over the cloudy bundle.
  7. ^^Oh, me neither... I would like a version of the one in the pic you posted with straps long enough to shoulder... Hmmm...
  8. This is the only shoulder bag in the modern chain collection right? Coz I don't like the shape of this bag. I prefer the shape of the tote in NM the Point.

    Then we got 2 totes, a big one and a smaller one right?

    Anything else in the modern chain collection I missed...??

    This is such a dramatic change for me......since I saw that ad on NM the Point.....I am on three lists now for the totes with NM, Chanel and Saks, for a red or black big or small......I am even on Saks waitlist for large in Dark Beige (the SA talked me into it, I have no clue how that color looks). My chanel SA recommended this tote weeks ago, but I felt nothing about it still I saw the NM the Point pic....
  9. My vote goes to the Modern Chain in black. :smile: I'm not too fond of the Cloudy Bundle for some reason.
  10. Ok, just called 1800 #, the modern chain also comes in 2 different sizes of flap bags, so there are 5 styles in the collection.....I still prefer the tote than others, just don't know whether I want the small or large, funny thing is the large and small are the same price!
  11. Did you get information on style numbers by any chance? I wonder if the one carried by Nordstrom (A33378 Y04167) is the smaller or larger version???
  12. That's the larger one, the smaller one is A33376. But the 1800 lady told me the shape of the 2 sizes are slightly different......I may go to chanel boutique next week (i will be out of town for the long weekend) to take a look at their in-store catelog again to see the differences......I have seen them in the catelog I just forgot coz I wasn't paying much attention....
  13. Modern Chain for sure!
  14. There is another Cloudy bundle bag that is really nice. I saw it at the Bergdorf Goodman in NY. It is almost a bowler shape and it come in a beige or black. I really loved the texture and look when I tried it on. Check that one out!
  15. I guess you are talking about the one SoCal just returned coz there's only one bowler in the cloudy bundle collection. I have seen that bag, not for me.