Cloudy Bundle Line-Opinions Please

  1. I have found a black one with rose gold hardware at Saks. I am worried because the bag seems so wide...(deep?) but it is beautiful- what do you all think?
  2. go ahead and knock yourself out...I love that line..its soft luxurious leather and the rose gold ahrdware is nice.
  3. Is the one you found the e/w version? That one is shorter and wider.

    I have the n/s version which is longer and therefore deeper but it is still easy to find things in the bag. Here's a pic of mine in the beige color. The leather is luxuriously soft yet durable, and I'm so glad I jumped on the Cloudy wagon when I had the chance!

    Honestly though, I'm not a fan of the black with rose-gold hardware. The contrast is too much. I find the beige and "dirty olive" (khaki) colors complement the hardware better.
  4. ^^^ I love that Tote! I f I was a shoulder-bag kinda girl this would soooo be the one I would get!
  6. Michele, I'll keep my eyes and ears open for you. I'm surprised Saks can't find one in stock. Did you check? My Saks s/a can locate hard to find bags. She's in the Boca store: There is an underscore between her first and last name.
  7. I have the E/W . . . the box listed it as "beige" but honestly to me it is more of a khaki vs. a honey beige, I just adore it. It is feather light and for me feels very polished yet casual too, I got it on a whim and it really is one of my favorites.

  8. :heart: :heart: Thanks Roey:heart: Yes, the SA at SAKS located the smaller version that I ended up cancelling, but I did ask her if she could track down the larger version instead. I told her I wanted the White, but I would settle for the Khaki (I had orginally thought the khaki was the beige color, but I really wanted the white). She called me a few times that she was still trying, but I had not heard back from her in a couple of weeks so I am assuming she had no luck. I will shoot an email to Melissa right now.

  9. Great bag Roey!! It looks so luxurious!
  10. I get thoroughly mixed up on the Cloudy Bundle colors. Mine didn't come with an original box so I have no idea what the actual color name is called although I'm guessing it's "white". I know for sure that there is a "dirty olive" which looks very olive-green.

    And then there's a coral/brick color and who knows what Chanel calls that one - maybe it's the beige. Macbagger - is your khaki a greenish khaki or a brownish/bronze khaki like the Cabas?
  11. Great bag