Cloudy bundle e/w vs n/s tote

  1. Does anyone have side by side comparing pics...Ive seen the pics of each bag on its own in the reference library and I had been on the hunt for the black n/s tote version but have had no luck...

    was just wondering how the e/w looks on the shoulder and if anyone had measurements on the bag compared to the n/s...

  2. here you go...hope it helps!

  3. thanks SOOOO much--you wouldnt happen to have any modeling pics of both would you?

    And do you find yourself using one more than the other?

    I was worried the e/w one would be too "short" length wise...
  4. I just love that grey color! It's gorgeous!!
  5. calisnoopy (love that name btw!), I will try to take modelling pix when my DH gets home from golf. I have been using the E/W one all month long and basically just admire my N/S one as it sits in its display case. I'm rather petite so I find the N/S one to be too much bag for me. When I first saw the E/W at the store I thought it was awkward looking, but I love it now. The bad thing is everyone always wants to touch it b/c it looks so soft!!

    thanks roey! the color is even better in person!
  6. I almost always prefer N/S styles over E/W because I'm a little taller, but I LOVE that E/W! It's just so cute!
  7. sorry I took so long to get u the modelling pix but I am literally on my way out for a run. Think I will change into running shorts though! Boy, do I look like a bum next to all my Chanel sisters who rock their bags in their modelling pix, but I digress... I'm almost 5'3" to give you an idea of how big the bags look:


  8. Me too. ldldb - You look great with both bags.
  9. gorgeous ldldb -- i know why everyone wants to touch them! can anyone tell me if this line is still available?
  10. The leather on those bags looks soooo yummy!
  11. ^^there are still sightings of this cloudy bag from time to time. A good SA can certainly track one down for you!
  12. Lainey, this is the first time I've seen an e/w Cloudy modeled and I must say, it looks darn GOOD on you! Fork over that bag!!
  13. Hi Roey, think you might have me confused with another member (her ID is Lainey) (I'm Larkie) but thanks! I do love her (my cb tote, not Lainey haha!) more & more. I think it might be cuter if the drawstring were pulled tighter but then the dangly chain would get too long, hanging past the bottom of the bag. I've actually seen the e/w in a TDF coral/orangy color at Saks but I can't see myself getting 2 bags of the same style when there are still so many other styles to collect. Then again, I'm still having dreams about getting a second VL box (the choco one you saw at Nordstrom)...ugh, somebody slap me!
  14. Larkie! I knew that, LOL! I was typing too fast. :smile: Anyway, I believe Denise still has that choco VL box so go get her!!
  15. look great modeling those bags even wearing your running clothes!

    calisnoopy and kicks...i got a beige/dirty olive e/w tote at Nordies Topanga about 2 wks ago...I believe that there was one more left.