Cloudy Bundle e/w tote (black)

  1. Hi guys, my SA sent me a Cloudy Bundle tote in Black like the one Rachel Bilson carries, except shorter (east/west) version. I am thinking about returning it, so if anyone is interested I can let my SA know prior to returning it so it can be held for you. I have included some pics of the n/s version, one was borrowed from the reference library.

    Feel free to pm me with your name and contact info and I will let my SA know. I purchased it from Nordstrom's. I think the price is $2195.
    cloudy.jpg Cloudy Bundle N.S Tote.jpg rachel-bilson-shopping4.jpg
  2. gorgeous! is this the Nordstrom in seattle, wa?
  3. Yes, but I have not returned it yet.
  4. I have the cloudy bundle! It is a great casual chanel that you can wear with jeans. You should keep it!!
  5. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America has the cloudy bundle in taupe still.

  6. is the the N/S or the E/W one?
  7. That a TDF bag!!!
  8. I have that bag, except mine is the "white" color which is actually a beige color!! It's really nice, comfortable to carry around on your shoulders or should keep it! :smile:
  9. Here are pictures of the cloudy bundle e/w that is available at Nordstrom Mall of America.
    cloudy1.JPG cloudy2.JPG