Cloudy Bundle Bowler AND Oversized Caviar Coco Report

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  1. Three words...LOVE THEM BOTH! :love:

    More to come soon...
  2. Are you keeping them???

    Pics please!!
  3. Yes! :love:
  4. Okay...

    Cloudy Bundle Bowler...was able to try on the CB bowler in "white", "beige", and black today...

    Well, black is actually it! The CB series has a slightly metallic sheen that looks great in all colors IMO.

    "Beige" discussed darker than actual beige and it has a slight green undertone...

    "White" Japs indicated, is not white at is a light beige/tan/camel-type color (similar to beige in the Cambon series with a slight metallic sheen)...

    I actually like all three colors, but chose black...

    (And yes, I still have the black N/S tote "on reserve"...)
  5. Cloudy Bundle in Black...
    Chanel 004.jpg Chanel 005.jpg Chanel 006.jpg
  6. Oversize COCO in black leather...
    Chanel 003.jpg Chanel 002.jpg
  7. It is a beauty! This leather one only comes with one size for $1695??:yes:
  8. Yes...$1650. The leather is very distressed. The black is a faded black color, almost graphite or dark grey. The leather is meant to look a bit "banged up". I am just so suprised at how much I love this bag! And it is very easy to wear on the shoulder...
  9. OMGoodness!!!!!!!! GOREGOUS bags!
    Can either/both fit comfortably on the shoulder?

    Are you on a total retail therapy high or what?! LOL!

    LOVE that ChAnel paraphernalia strewn about the background too!
  10. My pre-order with NM should be coming soon...since u have got from boutique.. I ordered the dark grey, so could be the same as yours? cause they told me it comes dark grey and black.:yahoo: :yahoo:
  11. I tried the black on and I loved the color... I am on the list for the black and the "white"
  12. Yes! OMG OMG OMG...I am so excited... You can't even see what I "cut out" of the bags, ribbons, boxes, dust bags... Chanel, Chanel "stuff" everywhere...

    Both can be worn comfortably on the shoulder! I wore a light sweater layered over a t today, but I am confident I will be able to wear them on the shoulder with a light jacket as well.

    Totally had no expectations going into the store today and then had to go straight to the car with my gigantic Chanel bags!
  13. OMG I love that Coco! I need a Coco! Maybe I can convince my BF to get me one if he gets that job in Tampa.:graucho:
  14. thanks so much for posting pix!! I love that oversized coco!! I know the vinyl comes in two sizes...does this only come in one size and is it same size as the large vinyl? I am so jealous, Chanel at SHM isn't getting until early Sept!
  15. I am not sure what color the dark grey will be. According to the Nordstrom PDF files, the leather will come in dark brown, dark grey, and black. Mine is definitely black, but it is a "faded" or muted black. I had no idea what this bag would really be about and am now thrilled!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
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