Cloudy Bundle Anywhere????

  1. I really like Rachel Bilson's tote in the photos as well as others posted in PF. Any idea where I might find a cloudy bundle in black or other colors? Thanks.
  2. I'm pretty sure my Saks has them... 503.226.3200 you can ask for Sam. =)
  3. The Chanel boutique in Dallas had a couple last time I was there.
  4. Nordstrom Topenga (Canogoa Park) store definitely has them in stock because I just got one last week. The store phone numbers are on the Nordstrom site.
  5. Thanks; I'll call. How do you like it? I think I saw the picture you posted. It's really beautiful.
  6. CHANEL at the Mall of America has access to the cloudy bundle.
  7. Saks in New Orleans had a beige and a black like Rachel Bilson just a few days ago.
  8. just saw the black CB tote at chanel in south coast plaza today!
  9. The Chanel boutique in Chicago has them as of Saturday!