cloudy bundle advice

  1. Hi there,
    I'm in love with the Cloudy bundle and they're on SALE!!!! Just thought I'd get some opinions. I have a choice to make.......
    - hobo in salmon
    - e/w tote in olive
    Which one do you have OR which one do you think I should get? Why?
    Thanks so much.
    CB hobo.jpg totes.jpg
  2. I have a cloudy bundle (not a tote) in the Salmon color and it is beautiful!
  3. ^^^ Thanks Harley. Can I ask if it's a very dark colour or a lighter colour? I saw one and it was beigy pink....

  4. Here is a pic - it is a light color and the hardware is like a rose gold. It is a unque color, I think and matches a lot more than I realized.
    don't know what this chanel is.jpg
  5. ^^^ Thanks Harley. Much appreciated. That's one beautiful bag you have there BTW
  6. I just ordered the small tote to the right. I think it's a bordeaux color, according to Brandi at Saks Tysons. I'm concerned that it will be too small.:confused1: If it is, I may try to go for the olive. Have you seen it IRL?
  7. Hey Pam. The small tote to the right is from the vintage ligne collection (square vintage box tote), not the Cloudy Bundle. It is small but deep so you may be able to fit more than you think by just looking at the photo. The olive CB is like a chamelion. In some lighting it looks very olive green and in others a dark khaki beige.
  8. I Love the salmon color but Love the tote shape. I wish you could find a salmon tote! If I had to pick, I'd choose the tote because it seems more practical and I love the shape!
  9. salmon color :tup: