Cloud's Latest Botkiers....

  1. gorgeous cloud!!! your bag on RM made me take a look see over here!!
  2. Thanks starkfan. I wear the handles towards the inside towards my body so you can't see them. I was just thinking that it does look a bit like the hobo. I wish I looked into this bag earlier because I really would have liked the smooth caramel color they had last season. :smile:
  3. Thanks zoe! I see you are contemplating a botkier! Happy Hunting! :biggrin:
  4. just love the neutrals, they really show off the structure of the bags
  5. Ahh, I see, thanks for the info! :flowers: I've never really contemplated the Venice satchel before, but your pics are making me reconsider... :sweatdrops: ;)

    Ooh, sorry you missed out on the caramel, though... Maybe you could keep an eye out on eBay or Bonanzle too? I don't know if they still pop up (probably on eBay more so than Bonanzle), but it may be worth a shot!
  6. both are amazing! congrats!!
  7. it came and it's silver hw and absolutely perfect!!! :yahoo::woohoo::biggrin:

    ok, i haven't actually taken the bag out of its plastic yet but so far it looks good! and it's reg black leather with silver zippers! too bad i'm at work so can't take it out and start trying it on.

    thanks for crossing your fingers with me, i'm sure it helped! ;)
  8. Yay!!! Congratulations swt! I am glad that you got what you wanted. Isn't it a beautiful bag. The leather gets softer and softer after every use. Enjoy and post some pics!:woohoo:
  9. hey cloud!!! i just wanted to tell you that i decided to get the cement howard instead of the black logan because of your pics!! i need a grey bag in my collection and yours is just gorgeous!!
  10. :biggrin: I just noticed that in your siggy when I was reading all the RM SO posts. (I am keeping my fingers crossed that the wine mattie SO will go well). Anyways I think it is a beautiful bag and I didn't have a gray bag in my collection. I hope you will be able to find a good deal. More retailers seem to be carrying that color. I am thinking about these shoes next......:p

    I don't have gray shoes either!
  11. gorgeous shoes!!!
    i had the grey marley at one point ....and i really love grey....but then i realized i had no grey bag that cement is beautiful....i can get it at luv charlie for the 25% off so not too bad....
    i dont know what is up at RM....its so frustrating....i think you mattie will be fine though...its a totally different bag....the emerald mini bs came out fine...they seem to be having trouble with the BW bags for some stinks...
  12. Let us know what you think when you get it!

    I keep telling myself the same's a different bag....what can go wrong.....??? : smiley with crossed fingers :
  13. i don't actually know how to post pix.. is there a user guide thread around here or can someone PM me quick instructions?? :shame:

    i have to say i'm loving the leather on the bag. it's so smooth and the rolled handles are super soft! it'll be much easier to carry on the shoulder or elbow for long periods and since it's a big bag, i'll probably end up carrying the kitchen sink! one thing i was a little bummed out about was that the lower 2 zippers aren't functional since i think this is an older version of the bag but it's nice to have outer compartments at all. that's definitely the thing i love about botkier and what i think makes her designs stand out from others - uber functionality. if anyone is considering a venice i strongly recommend it! it's a great carry-all!

    btw cloud, those shoes are HOT.. and the color is aptly named cement too!
  14. Yay I am glad you love it!! :biggrin: My lower 2 are not functional either, but I think between the other 2 that are and the magnetic closure behind the zipper there is no material left.

    I know a lot of tPFers post picks using photobucket but I don't know how to do that. I upload them as attachments, but I have to shrink the pic down quite a bit before it will upload. Hopefully someone will PM you.

    My bing c-back should be good I think I am going to get those shoes then....:yahoo:
  15. hi cloud...before i pull the trigger on the cement i need to ask you a you think it is as light as the dove color RM??? thanks cloud!!