cloud gray vs seal gray

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  1. I have been fervently searching for the seal gray bag featured in "another fall preview" thread with no luck. GUess it never went into production.:cry:

    is cloud gray similar in color and texture??
  2. #2 Jul 6, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
    i think seal gray is the one that has the yellow patent looking trim....not positive though....

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  3. it is! I've been after codi for one of these. She had it available in a mac...but nothing else and now the mac is gone as well. there are a couple cloud gray mams available out there and was just wondering if the color was at all similar to seal. If it was, I'd settle for one of these.
  4. looks a little similar to cg in the pic but i've never seen cg irl! too bad this bag didn't make it to production. its cute!
  5. It looks similar to my CG MAM, but seal looks more "consistent" in coloring. CG is almost marbled with taupe, pink, blue undertones.
  6. yeah, i know! I wish it made it into production too. codi did say that a few were made. she's going to keep an eye out for me.

    the color on cloud gray does look a little bit more marbled.