Cloud Bag Questions!

  1. Getting ready to purchase!!

    01. What's the retail for the STRATUS GM, PM, and NIMBUS?
    02. When do they stop stalking them at LV? I've heard their limited Edition.
    03. What ones do you like best?
  2. Hi Lolly,
    I love this line and I actually have all 3 bags that you are inquiring about. The Nimbus is $2.5K, stratus GM $3.5K, and Stratus PM $2.5K. These bags were part of the SP07 runway show so they are LE, but I know that the store that I shop in currently has them available for sale. Call the NYC 57th Street store, they should have at least the Nimbus available. I think that the Stratus GM and PM were a bit more difficult to find. I love all 3 - but my favorite is the Nimbus.
  3. Thank you very much.
  4. Wow....all three? WOW! lol :nuts:
  5. hi lolly!!

    call LV at millenia mall in orlando.... they have Stratus PM in ecru!!!
    i'm in fla too.....but i bought one from NJ store was 2400 plus Fla tax and FREE shipping!

    i got one and i've been trying to locate Beige instead of my ecru....but no luck at all. i called 866 yesterday and the rep said that there are less than 10 (of stratus pm anyway) left in the US! this was the latest news from yesterday....
  6. 10 :wtf:

    Any news about the GM?
    Im going to call Mellenia.
  7. they had GM in beige...i called them yesterday....!
  8. 1-407-264-5287
  9. Thank you so much,
    Im on the phone right now!
  10. Aww Darn! They're gone.
  11. I got a GM!
  12. 866 says there is one stratus pm left in ecru when i called....not sure about beige. try them......
  13. I'm working on the PM for Mommy!
  14. What ones do you prefer?
    Ecru or Beige?

    I got the GM in Beige.
  15. I just got off the phone with 866, and the lady said there was a WAIT LIST?
    I thought that once they were gone -- they were gone!

    How ood!