Clothinline Preview of Kooba Sale Dec 18-21

  1. I was at Clothingline for the Tory Burch sale today and they are previewing what will be at the Kooba sale next week. Looks like Aram in olive, Jennifer in brown and black and a few bags from the Dylan/Linda/Jackie/Harper line in what looked like black, raisen and another color and a few other bags. No prices, but the sign said 1/2+ off retail.

    I know I lot of pfers have been unhappy with clothingline, but I wanted to share this info. The Tory Burch sale in still on tomorrow, Saturday, from 10-4 if you are in the area and want to check out the Koobas.
  2. I wish I knew someone that will be going to that sale.
  3. Thanks for posting but...seriously...1/2 off retail means the bags will be $325 again.
    There are not sample sale prices and I'm SO excited to NOT be going! I'm totally boycotting them:tdown: I suggest not supporting them until they drop their prices down again - I feel like anything about $200-250 is not worth a trip in for a sample sale IMHO!
    Plus their poor attitudes and lack of SOME sort of organization makes me cringe.
    They're not getting my money any more.
  4. What is the average selling price when Kooba handles the sale?

    i know late last month, Kooba held a sample sale in NYC, I was wondering how much they were asking compare to Clothingline.

  5. sale -average $325 for regular-big sized bags (not clutches)
    Kooba sale - around $200 for medium and $270 for larger sized bag. You have the option of paying in cash to save sales tax, it's organized, they are more polite too and it's right across the street and the styles and color availability is better on a lot of the bags.
  6. Thank you very much Lovekoobabags for the information.
  7. Anybody go to this sale? How was it?
  8. Haute Okole--didn't you fly yourself out to NYC for the last sale?? How did that go, I don't think I saw any posts?!!

  9. I did & I swore that I was not going to fly out for another Kooba Clothingline Sample Sale. Clothingline marks the bags up and I had to charge $325 for each bag just to break even, not including flight to NY and a hotel room in Times Square. It was FUN though. Kooba's sample sales are much better organized, the Kooba sales team are nicer and the prices are so much better, by about 15-30%. I just checked eBay & I saw a bunch of Arams in Patent Olive & Black that were just listed, so I assume they got them from Clothingline.

    If at all possible, avoid Clothingline for Kooba sales, Kooba does their own sales and Kooba's are soooo much better.