Clothingline - Sample Sale Warehouse

  1. For those who live in NYC have you ever been here? I don't remember seeing anyone mention it but they have sample sales every week with multiple designers.

    This is on their website right as to what they have.

    [FONT=Verdana,sans-serif] Starting Tuesday September 18th:
    Micheal Kors, Kors, Anne Klein, Kate Spade & more - sample size footwear
    Karoo - one of a kind Fall sweaters
    AKA - shipment delayed. we will post announcement upon receipt.
    Vakko - leather & suede jackets
    IISLI - one of a kind samples
    B with G - jersey leggings, unitards, trapeze tops & dresses
    Julie Brown - tops, skirts & dresses
    Torn - knit tops & bottoms

    Gustto - shipement of baca, setela, parina and molia bags has ARRIVED
  2. I work nearby and have been going for years. It is just a reg sample sale every week that usuallym changes each week.

    I have done VERY well there, especially at the end of season, this year did great on Milly, got dresses and fully beaded/embroiders tops, trousers, for 10-15 bucks!
  3. flashgirl does it get very crowded there? They have Chaiken coming in two weeks and I really like their stuff for work clothes so I am wondering if I need to get there the first day of the sale?
  4. yes, for theory, diesel - ben sherman/Evisu etc.

    I think for chaiken you are safe going anytime :smile: I love their stuff but I don't think it is well known enough to merit a long line...

    FYI the dressing room is communal...and it is more crowded during lunch hours 12-2