Clothing with Hoods !!

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    Do you like a hood on clothing ? if so what type of clothing with a hood do you like ?
    Or not ?
  2. I don't mind it, but I don't prefer it necessarily. KWIM?
    I have to wear my hair up when wearing a hoodie, it looks weird if I don't; my hair is long and it just lays all weird when I'm wearing one.
  3. I love zip-up hoodies and have a slight addiction to them. The only downfall for me is that 99% of the time I wear my hair down and it will get some knots underneath because of the hood. That doesn't stop me from wearing them though. I :heart: hoodies
  4. ;)I looove hoodies. This should be arriving for me today or tomorrow, so I'm excited! :

    Look at the hood! It has diamonds in it. ahaha. I even order hoodies when it's 110 degrees outside. But this was super cheap so it's okay,right? ;)
  5. ^^^Thats so cute!! Its definetly okay to order hoodies when its hot outside, I do it too!! I even bought a zip-up hoodie to wear on cooler summer days/nights since it has short sleeves.
  6. I got really into hoodies this spring and now have way too many of them. They are usually really thin cotton that I wear over a camisole so they aren't the bulky hoodies I knew as a kid. I have long hair too, but don't have a problem with these since they lie so flat.
  7. love hoodies i wear them all the time in colder weather. plus it's great to have when it is raining. extra protection for your hair!
  8. I absolute love hoodies...i buy at least one every season...i know...i admit that i have a problem.
  9. Hoodies are so comfy, although I rarely wear them. I like that red jacket in the third picture, so little red riding hood.
  10. I don't fancy hoods because if I use them, they block my periferal vision. If I don't, the hoods (no matter how small) make an unattractive lump on my back, making me look like the hunchback of Notre Dame. Of course, that's just me.
  11. hoodie is one thing

    but does it need to look like it's from sesame street?
  12. i actually don't mind hoodies, but i never wear them up on my head, always like this!
  13. I am a fan.. some things are super cute!! hoodies are great but I got some other tunic like tops that have hoods and they look super cute with my hair up
  14. I am a fan about oversized fur hoods in the wintertime. You need it to block the cold from your face
  15. ^^ :yes: definitely a must when it's winter. although it's not that much cold here in cali.. but still. :lol: