Clothing with A Purpose

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  1. I am currently searching for apparel that gives a large percentage of profits to a charity. I do not know where to post this thread so If anyone knows any good lines of clothing can you please tell me. I am sick of spending 30 dollars for a shirt if only about 1 goes to the charity. Thanks!

    if this thread gets moved you can just pm me too. Thanks a bunch again.
  2. This website has only four tee shirts currently, but they're super-soft and cute. They donate on average 40% to various charities. Make sure you check the size chart before ordering - they're sized a little small.
  3. you can also go through you can select a charity and shop through their links- a percentage of your total purchase gets donated. Most stores are on the site- with the exception of NM. Donations range from less than a percentage up to around 10% , some places have flat dollar amounts that are donated (Ebay donates $5 for new customer who win an auction)

    I try to do all my shopping through them- already donated $35 this year just from shopping!
  4. thanks!
    Im involved in amnesty international and love getting clothing that represents a charity. Someone is bound to ask about the t-shirts.
  5. Kp, thanks for the advice, but do you have to pay more then 5 dollars to sign up?
    And joy those shirts are like $45 each! that means im paying double what i usually would.
  6. would it make more sense to choose a charity to give to and then buy a less expensive shirt? that way you control exactly how much goes to the charity and you know that 100% of that amount is going there.
  7. That would make more sense. Except I need a present for my sister the environmentalist. Currently her closet is totally bare.