Clothing websites?

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  1. What are some good clothing websites besides the obviouse Saks, Neimans and Bergdorfs? I know of AND
  2. It depends what you're looking for, but try:

    I've ordered from the first two, both had good service.
  4. I heard has very bad service. I spoke to some women who have ordered from there and had to wait 2 to 4 weeks for something to arrive then they overcharged her and gave her a hard time.
  5. Revolveclothing - coupon matching, free shipping and free returns. You can buy a whole bunch of stuff, try it on, and return it. Plus their customer service is excellent. Credit card refunds have a quick 1 week turnaround time. I've shopped with them for the past year and a half with no problems, only good comments.

    Love'em! has the best photographs but their customer service and shipping times leave little to be desired.

    Regarding shopintuition - I have also heard similar comments, and I've never ordered from them. I would also avoid - their shipping is shoddy, slow, and sometimes the clothes arrive damaged (got a pair of Seven jeans with a permanent yellow stain).
  6. I love for casual clothes. I've been buying clothes from them for years!

    Don't forget, bloomies, dillards, macy's, NM, Saks, I love Lands End jeans.
  8. I can only add,,,ll bean (flannel shirts so cute with jeans tucked in boots),
  9. i ordered some flip flops as a present for my friend but there was an error on the webiste that gave like the next size down and i didn't notice that it was the wrong size in my shopping cart. but they took a while to get here and by the time they did the shoes were sold out on the website. luckily the size still fit my friend!
  10. Hm, that's weird about the experiences with shopintuition. I've always received my stuff perfectly.
  11. I:love: free people!
    french connection
  12. I have had problems with ShopIntuition as well--I ordered an item, and had not received it, nor had a reply to several emails, and a month and a half had passed. So I cancelled the order. Three months later, the item arrived! I sent it back, and had to have Visa go after them to get a refund. I called Intuition to ask what happened, and they said they were too busy to read their emails. Hmmm....