Clothing trends 2006

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  1. 2006 clothing trend is the kind of style and colour ? :worried:
  2. White dresses!
  3. According to my W magazine, the trenchcoat is quite popular ( specifically the Micheal Kors ones) The ones in the magazine are VERY darling and I want one now. :-P

    Also, I've noticed a lot of stores stocking shorts that look like this:

    I've yet to try a pair on, but I think they look comfy and flattering, especially if paired with feminine shoes and a cute top! I'm in love with that length of shorts, so whether they're trendy or not, I'm wearing them.:biggrin:
  4. That's really cute! I've never had the courage to work this length because I'm pretty petite but I might have to try a pair on now.
  5. I honestly think that style flatters petite girls the most! I think they'd look really cute with a summery wedge or heel ( to help elongate your legs if that's your concern!). They have a twill dark brown version of that short that I want very much. :smile:
  6. Chop pants!!!Those are cute and so comfy!!!
  7. i :heart: breezy, knee-length skirts in light weight fabrics for spring and summer.

    and we totally miss out on trench weather here. boo.
  8. I love the wide-leg ankle length cuffed pants. They are so my style!

    Also, bermuda shorts with cute jackets.
  9. I think following trends is great but you should always add your own bit of flare, its not always what you wear but how you wear it. never be shy! also i think it is more important to dress your body than follow trends, becuase once you establish the looks that suit and flatter you, you will naturally find your own style and individuality rocks, well not to freakdom but you know what i mean. better to set the trend than follow them
  10. Army style Capris (baggy pocketed capris)

    Bigg Bead Jewerly Replaced with Pearls, smaller Turquiose Beads, thin chain necklaces (overlapping)

    White Dresses (lacy:love: )

    Strappy Braided Sandals

    Bold Prints....

    I know this isn't clothes, but I saw it on the runways shows and love it!

    Hair Straight (but not pin straight)/ or loose flowing curls
    make up Ireddesant blush/eyelids,look to be natural
    , but popping eyes with masacara......
  11. I cut up an old pair of Marc Jacobs jeans to make my own because I am petite and the custom length flatters my legs more...I tried a pair of Seven for all Mankind in that length and I looked really, really short and stumpy because they were too long for me so make sure you try them on before you buy!
  12. :love: i love white dresses!
  13. -dresses
    -& i heard the color purple was going to be popular
    -and i also heard about big curly hair
    -and like frilly things
    (but i may be wrong)

    ok this is teen vogue's spring fashion guide for spring (alpabetically)

    A-american classics
    C-cupcakes (YAY lol!!)
    F-French dressing
    G-guest dj's
    H-Hawaii(tropical prints)
    I-it girls
    J-Japan (obi belts and kimono prints)
    K-Karl's Club (Chanel will be popular i guess)(and he's launching a new line called Karl Lagerfield which includes jeans and tee shirts
    L- luella for target
    M- men's accessories
    O- oversize bags (yay again)
    R- ruffles (YAY again)
    S- Snejana ( fashion's newest star according to teen vogue)
    T-Tommy Hilfiger
    U- Umbrella
    V-Visors (yay for all you tennis-playing ppl)
    W- Wedges (yay again lol)
    X-X-out (things that are out: cowboy hats and boots, peasant skirts, mile-long scarves, bunches of beads, crazy distressed denim, bug-eyed shades, and hip-slung belts)
    Y- Y-3 ( website:
    Z- zippers

    make-up: shades of pink

    hope this helps!
  14. I agree white seems very big especially the white shirt. Wedges, Big bags (are they ever not in style?) and I'm still seeing lots of wide belts
  15. I read on a fashion web-site that cherry red will be the color for Spring...