Clothing transfers color to vernis???

  1. I don't own any vernis - did not want to ever - nope, nope, get the point...but after seeing all the beautiful vernis pieces here I am changing my mind. I would love to get a bag main concern about vernis is the color transfer. I know the newer bags are supposed to be treated better so they won't transfer so easily but still. Let's say I buy a reade or a thompson st and the bag is resting by my shirt (if worn on the shoulder) or is by the side of my jeans when I walk. Am I going to transfer a dark color shirt to the back of a vernis thompson st? Will i have denim stains on a new reade pm? :shocked:
  2. Well from what I understand the lighter colors get transfer more easily than the darker. I think the transfer from clothes would be if you got something new and it wasn't washed a few times yet and still had loose color on it then it could get onto the vernis. Also, if you rest it on a magazine or newspaper or something like that it will transfer that. I have the framboise agenda and key holder and so far so good with everything else in my bag.
  3. Yes,lighter colors get transfer more easily cos it shows.Vernis's worst enemy will be pen marks cos it's absolutely permanent.As for clothes I have on my new pair of jeans on the weekend and my silver bedford was fine.Really it's not that scary IMO but I'll go with the darker colors.:biggrin:
  4. is fuschia considered a dark color? LOL.

    I can only think of indigo and bronze as dark.

  5. Yes, I think your safe with fuschia, indigo, bronze, any darker color. I would be so afraid of the perle and noisette, although thats just me.

  6. That's like silly putty! :P
  7. I've been using my perle vernis brentwood and not had any problem with transfer. I'm careful with it. I've even put the dustcover in my car and when I drive I put my pocketbook on the passenger seat and use the cover to keep the sun from burning her! Definately have to be consious of pens, if you just had your hands in something that you don't want on your bag - say if you put a hair product on your hands and it has an oil gloss sheen (I put shine in my hair) then you want to wash your hands before you touch your bag. I have another older (2000 yr) blue vernis, it has a very very tiny amount of transfer (yellow) around the zipper, but to tell you the truth, if I hadn't read about it here I don't think I would have noticed it. You can't treat Vernis like a monogram canvas bag which you could run over with a truck and it would probably be fine! I think my next bag is a monogram GM but I'm waiting to see the fall stuff. Can't deal with high maintance year round. By the way, Vuitton even makes a fab shopping bag, the ones I've had I take my dry cleaning to the cleaners with, and some of these bags are years old. Who else makes a shopping bag that last years! The trunks and luggage must be like amored tanks.
  8. I have a red, orange and raspberry reade pm and a huge purple reade, no color transfer, only a bit of fade to the purple and red (they are 6yrs old). My girlfriend has a perle reade and takes it everywhere, no problem with it at all. The SA's have told me the worst enemy is heat, so if you did set it on a magazine in the sun, it would pick it up. Hairsprays and purfumes will eat the finish as well. I think it is just down to common sense, you shouldn't let vernis put you off, it is gorgeous in the summer.
  9. Ditto, I have quite a few vernis pieces and haven't had any problem with transfer. But I am cautious. If I have printed papers in my bag, I fold them printed side in so the ink won't transfer onto my ludlow or cles. My cles has been in every bag I own (noisette), and has withstood the heat of south Florida. :biggrin:
  10. The next and only color I will get on the vernis line will be indigo. I'm done with worrying over color transfers! :rant: