Clothing Swap

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  1. So my girlfriends and I are total shopaholics. We have alot of stuff in our closet (like many) that we never have used or have any used once. Once every few months we have a "Clothing Swap" where we bring in a bag or a few items we don't wear. We each take turns and if we see something we like we can take it as long as we put something else of ours into the pile. Its a fun way to "go shopping" and get new things without actually spending money. We have some wine and just make a girls night out of it.

    its a cute little idea to do with your girlfriends :smile:
  2. Very cute idea indeed! Only trouble is my girlfriends and I are not the same size...and will you believe it...None of them is interested in bags!:sad:
  3. Not same size, not same taste...
  4. Clothes swaps are great if you have friends with similar taste and sizes but I just give my friends things if they like them and they fit. I don't really want anything in return
  5. I do this with my girlfriends, too! So much fun and we usually end up with a ton of clothing that gets donated to a local shelter which is an added bonus. It's a good way to breathe new life into your wardrobe, on the cheap :smile:
  6. Not the same sizes. Not the same tastes in clothing/accessories.

    And quite frankly, it wouldn't be an "equal" exchange. It would be unfair if one girl walked away with high end and the other girls walked away with lower end items.
  7. We have organised this locally in the past, with unwanted items going to charity.
  8. I've gone to a clothing swap before. There were 7-8 girls so there was a lot of stuff. Not everyone was the same size, but scarves, jewelry and other accessories could work for anyone! I took things I was going to donate anyway, or things that were a little too worn for the consignment store. We donated everything that was left. It was a nice afternoon!