Clothing suggestions!


Oct 27, 2006
Hi! Lately I've been having a problem with all of the clothes in my closet..I don't know if it's just me, but recently nothing has been looking good on me!! :sad: Do you guys have any suggestions on what styles/types of clothing would fit my body type?? That would be really helpful.. Oh and I'm petite, size 0, 5'2-5'3, very busty.. Usually, I think things look bad on me b/c of my large bust.. I love babydolls and empire waists and shift dresses but I later realize that I look BIG in these types of clothing. Any suggestions would be great..TIA! :tup:


More is More
Mar 27, 2007
well thats about my measurements except the busty part.. I totally avoid empire, baby doll styles because it does makes me look more square plus I want to look more feminine and that to me means showing that I have a waist and curves.

I tend to always have a lower waistline for pants or skirts to elongate my upper half. Skirts are always close to knee length and never ankle length. I also never wear tight pants .. they are always loose so I dont look too tiny. If you are busty then deep v necklines really look nice and have a lengthening effect. If you want a good blance between top half and bottom try wearing a print on the bottom and solid on top.

High high heels forever! I will do it until I have one foot in the grave. :wlae:
Nude colored shoes also elongate the leg somewhat especially looks good if you like wearing short skirts or dresses.

I hope you find this helpful in any way


Feb 6, 2007
You almost describe me perfectly. I'm 5'4" and busty. I also have broad shoulders and a small waist.

Here's what works for me:
1. Structured clothing. This work for me most of the time since the structure in the clothing can hide many flaws becasue the clothing creates the shape; not your body. When I say structures I mean items like blazers cut where the waist nips in like to Cs really helps make an hourglass shape.

2. Tops that show some skin like V necks and scoop necks. I'm not talking about revealing clothing; just tops that show the neck and collarbone. It helps break up the chest and makes it appear smaller. I avoid crew and turtlenecks or else you get a monoboob - even with a good bra. I tend to find knits easier to fit that other tops like button downs because they will stretch to accomondate a chest and still cling at the waist. I love empire waist tops because I have a small waist and they call attention to the thin area below the bust. The tick is they have to be close to the body, they can't be too tight.

3. Get a good bra. Keeping the girls where they should be helps make you look thinner, better posture, etc.

4. Wear fitted (not too tight) pieces on top and looser ones on the bottom to draw the eye down and balance the body. It doesn't have to me looks but pick straightleg or boot cut over skinny jeans. Or choose a trumpet or A line skirt (or a pencil skirt with ruffle details) over a tight pencil skirt.

5. Skirts should hit the bottom of your knee. I know this sounds wierd since we're petite but it help balane you out and keeps you from looking top heavy.

6. Avoid bulky fabric on top like chunky sweaters.

7. If you have broad shoulder too avoid styles that add volume to the shoulder area like puff sleaves, halter tops, shoulder epaulettes (on trenches), etc.

8. Heels are great but avoid anything higher than 3 1/2 inches. I find 2-3 inches gives me some height while looking proportional to my build.

9. Try to wear lighter/brighter colors or patterns on botton and dark, plain tops. This also helps draw the eye down.

Here are links to some books that helped me a lot in case you want to learn more. I found these books had a good grasp on how to dress a larger chest (many make suggestions but don't have a clue):

This one isn't very good at how to dress body types but it's great for ideas on how to put pieces together:

Feel free to request more infor or PM me for any more info.


Sep 11, 2006
Waist-cinchers are officially your friend. The cinching in of the waist creates an illusion of an hour glass figure and adds to the look.

V necks are very useful if you have a larger bust. It draws the eye downwards, and elongates your torso. With V necks and waist cinchers, this solves your top half, no?

Dresses. Sweater dresses (see the one that VB wore - I think it was Stella McCartney and Philip Lim) are fantastic at flattering your body. A little loose, but still revealing enough skin to make you look understated-ly sexy. Wear them with boots that hit below the knee. Always wear high heels.

Since you're a size 0, why not make full use of it? I mean, it's not like everyone can be size 0!! A body skimming dress that fits like a glove shows off your curves and makes you look fabulous. You should have it hit just above the knee.

Heels are always a must. A woman should wear heels, I believe. Can't last long in 5 inch Jimmy Choos? Wear a chunkier heel (wooden is the best).

Hope this helps.