Clothing Sellers from China

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  2. I can only give my experience and maybe it helps a little bit. I once ordered a white blazer from a seller like this. It was in China and used those cute modeling pictures like the one in the ad you posted. I don't know much about different fabrics so I just went off of the modeling picture. The blazer looked really cute and slim fitting on the petite looking model. When I finally got the blazer it seemed of very poor quality. The material was stiff, easily wrinkled, hard to iron, and too sheer (You could see the pockets through it if that makes sense.). Not only that but it was so loose on me it looked funny. I am pretty small, I usually wear an XS in most clothes and that's what I ordered but it still looked baggy through the chest and sleeves.

    I'm not saying that is the experience you will have, but personally I will not buy clothes without seeing them first anymore.
  3. I don't know about the seller but it looks like she has sold the same jacket before and you can check what other people have said by her feedback.
    For negative, you can go to

    Personally I think the jacket looks kinda odd. The cut? maybe... Nice photograph though..
  4. I wouldn't buy TBH.
    Once I bought from a seller in China,
    the clothes looked very different from the pictures provided.
    The material was kind of cheap with thread undone.
    I'm really tiny a size 0/2, XS and the small size fitted me but the sleeves
    of the tops were very short.
  5. I wouldn't bother with it either. If there are no close-ups of the actual garment, I would be worried about the fabric and construction. Also, if for some reason the jacket doesn't work out, you'd have to mail it back to China (which can be iffy at best). My one experience buying from China I bought a bunch of new batteries, and when they arrived they were all dead. I got a partial refund (they charged a stocking fee) and was out about $1.50. Learnt my lesson.

    This might be OT, but on the other hand, if you see any sellers from Hong Kong -- I know it's technically China but they have a different mail system so mailing to/from HK is much faster and safer.
  6. I bought a dress a while ago, from a seller located in China. Even if it looked great at the photos, in real life the quality was bad (lose stitches, cheap material etc). Also, the size was off, for a medium it was really small...

    I often get tempted by auctions like this but I am afraid of buying...
  7. I would pass....
  8. Unless you're under 5'2" those sleeves are gonna be real short. Plus chinese catalog shots are usually taken with a better quality item than the one for sale.
  9. I would pass, I don't think you will receive anything nearly as nice as the one pictured.
  10. I got a dress from China a while back. The quality was not good, and fabrics were scratchy. The sizes run smaller than US sizes too. I think US Small = M or even L.
  11. thx guys, yeah, i figure i will pass this ebay thing... I really like this blazer, but i think i rather spend more $ on a better quality one.
  12. I would pass on this too. It looks cheap.
  13. ^Wow. Those say a lot.
  14. I've traveled through Asia and have attempted (the operative word being 'attempted') to buy clothes because some of them are really just darn adorable/fashionable/cute/beautiful even! But when I tried to actually put them on - they all fit funny - I wear a US 2/4 regular/premium/designer normally but I have an athletic body with broad shoulders...the clothes fit very strangely on me - they're too short, and the shoulder area's too narrow, etc. I've found that this is true not just on the el cheapo street vendor clothes, but also some of their local designer brand store clothes too.....I once had a well-intentioned SA told me I should lose some weight first:smile:

    Anyway, most of these online vendors are actually trying to sell clothes made 'based on' the pictures they've posted on their site - pictures they probably have gotten from some fashion magazine - it's like they're copying the copy of an actual brand if that makes any sense. Almost rarely do they actually sell the 'actual' item seen in those pictures.

    Keep in mind that well-made quality pieces from China/Hong Kong actually cost just as much as you would spend on them in the US, and oftentimes even more expensive, so when the price is too good to be true, it usually is.

    The only thing I've had good luck purchasing from overseas like China/Hong Kong are exotic-leather custom made bags - they're genuine, well crafted, and incredibly reasonably priced, and definitely comparable to the designer brand name exotic pieces I've paid 3 times over for here in the US.