Clothing Mishap, Tore Button Off Hudson Jeans Can This Be Fixed??

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  1. I am so upset. This is only the second time I wore my Hudson jeans, and I ripped the button off the back pocket. I am not sure how I did it, but I found the button on my car seat, and when I checked there is a nice size tear where the button was.
    The button is a stud type metal button without holes, and I am wondering if anyone else has done something similar and could it be repaired?

    I guess I am having bad luck lately. Two weeks ago I ripped the heel on my new Cole Haan shoes, and last week the Gucci enblem fell off my purse. Luckily I did not destroy anything too expensive and I can only imagine how people feel when something happens to their Hermes or Chanel.
  2. gah, i hate weeks like that, when everything goes wrong.....

    I think it can be repaired... a seamstress could probably patch the hole where the button ripped, and then replace the button thru the new fabric.