clothing help!

  1. I am looking for a dress to wear to a wedding. Floor length, black semi-formal to formal. I can do strapless, but sweetheart neckline only. I've gone to Neimans, Bloomies and Nordstrom with no luck. I am looking for something to meet these requirements, but in relatively inexpensive range. Cheaper is better, but quality matters. To give you an idea of my range, I saw a lovely dress for $1600, but that is beyond my means! Also, the store needs to be available online as a I live in rural setting and the nearest of the stores I mentioned above are 5 hours away by car. One with a liberal return policy (in case it doesn't fit) when I get it would be better. But if the deal is right, this is less of an issue.

    Thanks so much my fellow tPF'ers! I know I can count on you for great deals and advice! :yes:
  2. thanks for the FYI, any other suggestions from fellow tpf'ers?
  3. thanks so much! they look great. I don't know if I have enough style to pull off the first one, but it's very nice!