Clothing for my trip to Iceland!

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  1. Heya, I am going on a school trip to Iceland in March and obviously need warm clothing to wear whilst there, I thought some of you ladies might have an idea since the US can get pretty cold at times. For the journey there it takes 3hrs from Gatwick so I was thinking of getting some juicy couture pants, hows the quality and fit? I am looking at these on Shopbop:
    the colours I like are English rose, Snow globes and Wellies. I haven't been on a plane journey since i was 11 (now 17) so have no idea what to wear lol. Also anyone living in a cold climate (last time the trip went it was -6 centigrade) have any ideas of cute warm clothing to wear pls tell me. thanks:love::heart:
  2. anyone?
  3. no-one can help me at all?
  4. can nobody help me at all? mods you might as well delete this thread cos no-one will help x
  5. i don't live in a cold climate but travel to colder places quite often. do you know what the weather in iceland wil be like when you're there? that'll be key in helping you choose what to pack.

    i noticed you were located in essex. i did get a gorgeous thick jacket from topshop a few weeks back, it was stylish, warm and 50% off! so that may be a good place to start looking.

    i don't own a juicy velour set myself but have heard many good things about the fit and quality so i would suggest investing in a pair of velour pants, and you could even get a matching velour top so you can be extra comfy on the three hour trip.

    have fun in iceland, i'm sure it'll be beautiful!
  6. thanks for answering my post:heart: ill have a look in topshop @ the weekend then!