Clothing brands you wear most often

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  1. Ralph Lauren
    Seven's (7 for all Mankind jeans)
  2. Ann Taylor and Ralph Lauren are my wardrobe staples.
  3. I wear a lot of forever 21, oldnavy, target (the issac and luella lines are to die for!!) i mix in soem vintage tees, some urban outfitters, and of course my handbags that i love sooo much. I wear a lof of stuff from nordies too.. im a pretty balanced shopper
  4. I feel so boring listening to all the fun stuff everyone gets to wear. My industry is quite conversative so when I'm in the office or at a client, it's usually a suit or business casual..which isn't all that casual.
    For work: Max Mara suits and coats, Pink shirts
    Down time: As comfy as possible...
  5. American Eagle
    Abercrombie+Fitch (they just closed the one in my mall!)
    Urban Outfitters
    random shirts from Hot Topic
    Paul Frank
    Luella's Target line
  6. Express, The Limited, Pac Sun, Forever 21, Guess, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Ecko Red, Earl Jeans, Banana Republic, etc.
  7. jcrew
    banana republic
    paige and AG jeans

    but most of all... always on sale. except for jeans and handbags of course ;)
  8. theory
    seven for all mankind
    trina turk
    marc jacobs
    lilly pulitzer
    citizens of humanity
    catherine malandrino
    anna sui
    betsey johnson
  9. Bebe fits me best, then BCBG
  10. When I want to just be comfortable, I am a huge fan of James Perse! Huge, huge fan. I know that a tank top or a plain white shirt can be found anywhere, but his clothes fit perfectly and are just so soft and great for everyday use!
  11. THEORY THEORY THEORY and some more THEORY :smile:

    Rock & Republic Jeans (for us tall girls!!)
  12. Tracy Reese, Lepore, Versace, Dolce&Gabanna
  13. -rachel pally
    -juicy couture
    -marc by marc jacobs
    -petro zillia
    -lily mcneal
    -ladies of the canyon
    -free people
  14. Hmmm...I hadn't realized what a creature of habit I am with clothes until I considered answering this question!

    My new favourite: Nanette Lepore jackets. (I love jackets!)
    Also: BCBG, (jackets, tops) Holt Renfrew,(again, jackets) Citizens of Humanity and Seven jeans, and sometimes Gap, Banana Republic and Jacob for tops.
  15. I don't really care what brand I wear as long as it looks good so my wardrobe is full of odds and ends. But brands that I have a few of include: MNG, Express, Forever 21, and lots of school logo shirts :shame:

    IntlSet, you do NOT need to lose weight! But I know exactly how you feel, because I complain about needing to lose weight too and I always get yelled at by friends. Thing is, I've developed serious stomach fat due to my winter hibernation and daily diet of haagen-dazs ice cream, chocolate, and candy. :worried:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.