Clothing brands you wear most often

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  1. Ummmm...BCBG and Banana Republic probably have the biggest stakes in my wardrobe...then lots of mixing n matching with other brands. I've recently re-discovered Express from my high school days and that their pants actually look cute on me, lol and are a lot cheaper than what I normally end up spending for work pants!
  2. Ralph Laruen
    Junk Food band shirts
    Seven for all mankind
    Old Navy
    Tripple 5 Soul
  3. Hmmm interesting! J Crew (does anyone wear J Crew anymore) Anthropologie, DVF, B Republic, Paige, C&C, Splendid, a few lux items, pretty ho-hum, my extra $$$ goes into bags!!
  4. I love J.Crew! I aspire to yuppiedom!
  5. i own way too much ralph lauren. i also love jcrew (especially flip flops!) and gap for skirts. old navy has the best tank tops, though - the ones that are ribbed and extra long. i don't care how cheapy old navy is, those things are PERFECT.
  6. Dana Buchman
    Eileen Fisher
    Sigrid Olson
  7. I love their tank tops!! I love layering the extra long tank tops with tee's!. I also love thier denim skirts! their short skirts are in a good length,also the quality is pretty good for something that costs 20 bucks..
  8. i'm obsessed with marc by marc jacobs
  9. Theory, BCBG, & DKNY are my choices for work.
    Free People tops, Paul Frank, Sevens, Citizens, Frankie B.'s are my choices for play.
  10. holy crap, a couple of days ago I bought two of those super long old navy ripped tanks and I LOOOOOOOVE them. I think I should stock up on every single color while they got 'em. Long shirts rule forever!
  11. yes! i own like 5 white ones and i'm constantly running out because they're all in the wash - i wear them with EVERYTHING! i have a long torso and it's nice to break up the line by having the tank stick out from under things. plus they're not too thin, not too thick, just right! and you can get them for like $7 apiece, and at that rate, you can have several in every color if you want - i know i do. they also carry them year-round, FINALLY! i get just as much use out of them in winter as in summer.

    i really can't say enough about these tanks, they're awesome.
  12. my clothes are all over the place!

    but i especially love:
    ralph lauren
    laundry by shelli segal :love: :love:
  13. XXI / H&M (same company)
    Banana Republic
    Charlotte Russe
    Victoria Secret Catalog (buy their light sweater, and dress/casual tops)
    Juicy Couture Terry pants only

    Apple Bottoms
    Baby Phat
    triple 5 soul

    (huge bubble butt might explain if you haven't herd these jeans companies);)
  14. I swear by Citizens of Humanity jeans (they're great if you have a little junk in the trunk), plus I have really long legs, so I have to be careful with jeans. I really like Marc by Marc Jacobs (especially for outerwear and dresses), random T-shirts from Urban Outfitters, Juicy hoodies and an assortment of Pumas. For work I like Club Monaco, Banana Republic, and J Crew.
  15. Eileen Fisher, Zoe, Liz C.
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