Clothing brands you wear most often

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  1. For me:
    1. Ralph Lauren
    2. Theory
    3. All the very SoCal stuff youngsters wear these days: Rachel Pally, Pegah Anvarian, Ella Moss
    4. Marc by Marc Jacobs (someday I'll be able to afford the Marc Jacobs collection line!)
    5. Diane von Furstenberg
    6. J.Crew

    Those pretty much dominate my closet...
  2. :smile: I'm an average college student,

    abercrombie, hollister, occasional AE, some lacoste ( polos only), and I have an especial weakness for anything from Urban Outfitters.

    :smile: I'm afraid that Marc by Marc Jacobs isn't even in my budget. :-P
  3. Express (pants)
    Theory (jackets)
  4. But seriously, doesn't Theory have the BEST jackets? It's like crazy-awesome tailoring. I bought two blazers two weeks ago and they're just amazing... I don't know how they can cut anything so flattering out of such bulky fabrics!
  5. same here, except i'm not a big fan of urban outfitters
  6. I wear a lot of Esprit, Mexx, More and More, S'Oliver just normal middle priced cloths. All those brands do very business cloths.
  7. seven jeans!
  8. Calvin Klein and Doc Marten's
  9. Donna Karen
    Calvin Klien
  10. American Eagle.. since I never ever dress up.

    I also have a lot of Lululemon clothing, Canadian girls will know what I'm talking about ! ;)
  11. I mostly wear Ann Taylor and Banana Republic slacks and blazers for work.

    Since I'm so short, I'm limited to designers that have petite lines. Most of the stores around here have a pretty paltry selection of petites...either they're a bit too "grandma-on-a-cruise" or way too rock-n-roll. I'm holding off on buying much in the way of clothes right now...have to pay for my bags, LOL!
  12. Work clothes - Express, Gap, Ann Taylor

    Casual clothes - Urban Outfitters, Volcom, Pacific Sunwear, American Eagle
  13. Dolce and Gabbana
    St. John
    Escada (my new love)
  14. Interesting! You wear a lot of really mature brands. I don't know any twenty-sometimes who wear St. John and Escada. I think that's really fabulous. I would wear that if I could pull it off!
  15. Banana Republic
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