Clothing and accessories on Ebay, Craigslist, or the like

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  1. How much would you pay (or sell for) as a rule of thumb for clothing and accessories from an individual online? Two reasons I'm asking:

    1. I bought a few things final sale and may have to sell off anything I don't like IRL
    2. I got bored and went shopping on Craigslist and a couple of things caught my eye.

    It's been awhile since I was an Ebay junkie, but it seems like if something is not super trendy (UGGs), sold out (Mike and Chris), or classic like some high-end bags, about 1/3 of retail is a price point where you can expect something to sell eventually. This seems reasonable to me because it's close to final sale price when the item is going out of season. I understand the sellers wanting to recover 1/2 or more of the cost of a new item, but these never seem to get any bites.

    The CL items I was looking at are listed at 1/3 retail, BUT, they're marketing locally, not to everyone in the world, and they are "like new." I was going to make some lowball offers but remembered berryblondeboys' thread and don't want to be insulting!

    So how much would you pay or sell for?
  2. I will pay as much as I think it's worth. I do a lot of shopping online and also 2nd hand reselling so I have an idea of what an item will be worth based on its popularity in the market right now.. I say just give it a try (esp Craigslist, it's free to list and reply so that can be good because you can always post but there are a ton of weirdos out there so you might get lowball offers).

    Another benefit to posting on CL is that some people don't know how to ebay but they know CL, so they have a different audience as well. I found my HG of HG chanel bags on CL when I wasn't even looking for it after having scoured ebay for months!
  3. With CL, it never hurts to ask. Ask about a price you're willing to pay, or, ask how low they're willing to go. Let them know you're interested if no one else comes forward. Usually they get back to you, they want a quick sale. :o)
  4. what are they? it really depends on what they are.