Clothes to match your b-bag?

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  1. My girlfriend made a funny comment to me recently and it's got me thinking.

    She said 'now you will have to buy clothes that match with your b-bag!'. At the time we laughed...but then when I finally got my first bag, a Blue India Day...I thought HMMM. :graucho:

    Now I find myself trying to figure out what colors would best compliment the bag. Whites, creams, blacks, browns? Matching blues too hard...maybe a super pale ice blue would be nice with it. I've bought two white/cream sweaters in the last week thinking 'perfection with the bag!'.

    Do you gals do this? Tailor your wardrobe to match your bag? See things out in the stores that you think would be PERFECT for your XYZ bag?

    I love looking through the B-bag picture thread, because it gives me ideas and inspiration on how to wear my bag. Anyhow, just thought I'd throw this out there and see what you gals said about buying clothes and/or wearing colors to match your bag or make it's color pop more or similar.

    I was a little worried with Blue India because as much as I ADORE the color, I thought matching it to clothes might be difficult. So any BI lovers or owners with some tips?! :heart: Colors or outfits you wore that looked fabulous? I typically am a jeans gal so I don't have too many other colors for pants!!
  2. I definitely have found myself dressing around my bbags at times. I like wearing my BI city with fairly light jeans and gray or black or brown top. With darker jeans, I would go with a white, or off-white top. I have to admit I bought a new pair of light jeans to go with it (but I lucked out and found an extremely cheap pair that I liked). I also just bought a light brown / oatmeal colored cardigan that I like with it. I think BI also works with a black and gray outfit. I had it on when I tried on a plum-colored cardigan at Anthropologie and I thought it looked amazing. I didn't buy it but may put it on my X-mas list.

    Since you like jeans, do you own any gray ones -- they're pretty on-trend and would work great with BI. I'm keeping my eye out for a pair myself.
  3. :wlae:i have gray balenciagas and surprisingly, they go with everything i wear(and i do wear pretty much everything except orange)
  4. Absolutely, I do this. But less so with my clothes than with other accessories. Only because I have so much in my closet in every color that I can already match it to anything. But I have bought 3 pairs of boots to go with three different colors of my Bbags (grey, ink, and ivory). I will likely continue to buy shoes/belts/accessories to match my bbags.
  5. citychris...yeah i thought that lighter jeans would be good with it..and gray definitely but i have SUCH a mental block against gray jeans..hhaha. the 80's are still way too fresh in my mind for me to venture out with gray jeans just yet. maybe the next time they come back around...hehee. i have a bunch of medium wash jeans, only one or two dark pairs. i have a lot of neutral sweaters like browns, tans, and blacks. i have a few white and cream ones now thanks to the b-bag..hehee. so, you think it works with purple? i have a really lovely dark grape thin cord jacket that i could pair with a neutral sweater and jeans and the bag, but is that too many things going on?

    i don't want to overthink it, because i have seen some colorful b-bags on gals on here with a blend of colors and they look wonderful. maybe it's just the attitude like you KNOW you can pull off what you are wearing regardless of color?!

    chriseve...i saw a greige at bal ny recently and thought what a wonderful neutral color it would be...!!! i might have to add gray to my wish list. hehe.

    on my list right now is a caramel-ish first because it seems like it'd match with so many things, but you never know, i might become addicted to COLOR! :love:

    deco...ooh i can't wait til i have enough b-bags to match my clothes.
  6. Hi Mara!

    I wear my BI City with every color in my wardrobe....EXCEPT pale lavendar. Yuck. I made the mistake of wearing my super pale lavendar sweater one day and didn't even think of how it'd look with it but then I saw myself in the mirror and almost upchucked. I think the blue-green aqua undertones of BI just isn't suited for lavendar. But, it goes great with the rest of my wardrobe: denim, black, brown, gray, beige, various greens, and white. I think BI is hottest with white and just pops and makes a statement.
  7. I go about this the other way. I pick a b-bag to go with my outfit. :sweatdrop:

    But I'd never pick the color to be matchy-matchy. It just has go well with each other.
  8. i think b bags go with almost everything :P
    i never thought about this, but i just realized, that i never actually had a problem with matching my b bags with my wardrobe, they just goes with everything.
  9. I do that too!! When I get a new bag I have to get a new outfit because I can't wear a new bag and not wear new clothes with it.
  10. Yes, never matchy-matchy it's like too expected.... just complimentary.
  11. :blush:
    i'm such a retard when it comes to clothes - my clothes never match or really go with my b-bags... i'm always in hoodies, jeans and jandals... hehehe
  12. I agree with others -- I don't like to match bags, just have them compliment or coordinate.

    marae - Yes, definitely try your grape jacket with the BI. However, I also agree that you shouldn't overthink and try to be too perfect. I think if you love the color of the bag, it can be interesting to wear it with just about anything (as long as it doesn't make you look or feel sick) if you have the right attitude. Look at the pics. of Ashley O. in Mimi's seafoam auction -- she's wearing orange.
  13. I wear b-bags with jeans and edgy shirts
  14. I think peach goes really well with Blue India. It might not sound like it but try putting them next to each other if you have a peach shirt! They look like candy!
  15. I think BI would look lovely with beige , black or dark brown. The shop I saw it in had decorated it with a chocolate outfit and it just looked stunning together.

    Personally I do dress around my bags but I'm not a matchy/match type.
    The RV is great with blues and most stuff but I don't like it with dark brown, that's when the camel takes over etc...