clothes similar to anthropologie

  1. Hi all,

    I love anthropologie but not the prices. Does anybody know of a clothing line similar in style that's cheaper or at least with really discounts:graucho:?

    Also looking for plus size as well as regular size with this similar style....
  2. I am beginning to see some similar items at F21 every now and then, the quality may not be the same but the price is much cheaper. Check out Love21 on their site as well as Faith 21 for plus size items.
  3. Really? What's wrong with the prices at Anthropologie? All the clothes go on sale after 2 months. I buy most of my clothes from Anthropologie and Fossil and I can't tell where I got what. So, maybe you should check out Fossil. They look similar to me except Fossil has more muted colors and they are a little more naturey than feminine. Also, they are significantly cheaper than Anthro.
  4. Try Urban Outfitters! If you dont have a store near you, you can check out their website Hope that helps!
  5. You can also find lots of Anthro stuff on eBay
  6. Cute sites!
  7. hairsprayhead, how is the quality at SR??
  8. I have to agree that if you go to the sale rack at anthropologie online or in-store, the tops can be more reasonable, with a good amount of selection between 9.99 and 39.99

    And like others have said, Forever21 has some similar styles sometimes, but even so, some of the lines within anthropologie (the ones that are exclusive to anthro) are influenced by other major lines as well. So it's sort of a trickle down effect anyway, for some things.

    But another site similar to shopruche and modcloth, is
  9. I don't shop at Antro but I do browse their site from time to time. My friend loves Anthro and mainly shops in the sales section. Anthro prices are a little out of my budget but I have seen some cute things for $40 or less in the sales section.
  10. ^^ i love those sites too, great tops and jackets.

  11. Cutest stuff & good pricing. Items seem to go fast- well the items I always want, boo!
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