Clothes on BE model

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  1. I know I should be too busy ohh-ing and ahh-ing the handbags to notice anything else, but I DID take note of the clothes on the BE model on the website. :heart: Did anyone else love them?

    I absolutely ADORE the blue dress in the pic for WTM Midi. That was actually the first thing I noticed, even before the bag (gasp!). And the coat in the TMA pic is HOT!

    You think Jackie will tell me where I can possible get those clothes if I asked? :P Actually, does any of you fashionable ladies recognize any of the clothes? I NEED THEM :drool:
  2. I wish I knew,'s a killer dress! I love the styling for the model -- very retro yet current at the same time. Nice lipstick, too.
  3. I'm sure Jackie could answer your questions.
  4. Yes, who is that model? She's beautiful and every BE bag look wonderful on her!
  5. I agree that the model is gorgeous! The styling of the handbags with the model and clothes is perfect!
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    Scroll to the right to see some BE models !

    Info from bottom of photos: MUA: Jassy @ NuLook Beauty Models: Anais & Deborah Handbags: Belen Echandia Clothes: Karen Brost Fur Beret: Mukluk Store
  7. What is the BE style in the first pic - the blue bag. Is that a Charm Me?
  8. Wow thats my bag I got the purple clutch me in the sample sale! i wish I looked like her! lol
  9. I think it is ... :tup: