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Do you match your clothes and make-up?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Sometimes

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  1. Hey everyone!

    Do you match your close and make-up? I know a few people that do. For example, if they're wearing a pink top, they would wear pink make-up, too. I personally don't do that. Well, maybe sometimes when I am in the mood to really look put together.

    What about you? Please vote!
  2. I do it quite often..if I'm wearing lilac then I'll put on purple eyeshadow. But I don't wear make-up everyday either.
  3. I try not to do it... i don't like to be too matchy - matchy.
  4. I Don't Match My Cosmetics To My Clothing....But, I Wear Different Cosmetics Depending On What I'm Wearing (i.e. Maybe A Little Fancier)......I Swich Around Lipcolors With Outfits (Just Slightly)
  5. I don't do that, but I will match the mood of my outfit with my makeup. ie conservative cardigan over a button down and pencil skirt with neutral makeup
  6. I don't match exact shades of colors, per se. But I do make sure that makeup color tones compliment my outfit. For example, shades of purple (violet to deep purple), and blended jet eyeliner/mascara with a black top. ;)
  7. i wear mostly neutrals or pinks w/ everything i wear cuz i feel like those colors look best on me. if i am going to a black tie event i'll probably wear red lipstick. that's about it! i don't wear makeup most of the time though.
  8. I don't match it in terms of colors pink shirt=pink shadown
    I match it if I wear warm color clothing: brown, beige, orange, black. The I will wear warm colored eyeshadow and lipstick.

    If I am wearing pink , blue, purple etc. I will wear cool colors (grey, blue or pink lipstick or whatever)

    With white and black then Iwear my makeup depending on my mood.
  9. I do ! I always coordinate my colours together.