Clothes & Make-up

  1. Do you match your make-up to your clothes?

    I know a few people that do. What about you? Vote!
  2. I do unless the color is wayyyy wrong for my face. I wear make-up only for special occassions or once in a while going out (like ten times out of the whole year) so those times, I have more time to play around and match it with my whole outfit.
  3. I just try to keep my lipstick in the same color family as my outfit. I usually wear very neutral eyeshadow so I don't worry too much about that.
  4. I don't like to match my lip color to my clothing. It makes me look like I'm trying too hard. Plus my lips are pretty big, so whatever lip color I have on is super visible.
  5. No... my makeup matches all my clothing... i like natural looking makeup though :smile:
  6. The only thing I vary is lipstick. I just keep them in the appropriate "family" -- basically either pinkish/mauvish/ berryish, or more bronzy, taupe, rich red.
  7. No, I don't think I ever do. I will switch up my eyeshadow to compliment things, but no like pink eyeshadow with pink top or something ha!
    And my lipstick...when I wear it, is always a light pink or beige.