Clothes...How Much do You Have

  1. hi all,

    I know we are purse/shoe/accessory obsessed gals...but what about clothes?
    Are you a clothes horse? Or do you go simple and spend all the $ on purses?
    How full is your closet (or maybe even closets)?
    What are the brands currently in your closet that you use the most?
  2. I am totally a bag lady so no $ for good clothes hahah. :P
    Actually I go pretty cheap clotheswise- F21, usually hit/miss, and when I do have a lil bit more- I go to Anthropologie. Then the usual Express or Limited for basics.
  3. I will spend $100 or more on jeans, I love A&F etc. I buy a lot of my t-shirts at Winners (TJmaxx) for relativly cheap. I make some of my Jewellery myself. I also really like underwear from Victorias Secret. Some of my favourite shops for general browsing are Le Chateau, Urban Behavior, A&F, and Old Navy. I buy the size medium jackets from the kids section in old navy.. I am 5'3".

    I only have one closet, but I would have 2 if I could. I can hardly get anything in or out. My jeans take up most of the space, followed by tank tops.
  4. Ummm a LOT of questions lol

    I have 3 very full closets plus the floor in my room (one for jackets, one for regular clothes and work clothes, and one for dresses). I'm horribly organized and I can't fit everything into my closets. I'm currently trying to figure out how to make one of my rooms a closet.

    Brands? Ummm. Let me think. My jackets vary a lot. I have Wilsons Leather, Theory, Laundry, and a bunch more.
    My regular clothes: juicy sweats, juicy tshirts, urban outfitters tshirts, seven jeans, christopher blue jeans
    Work clothes: burberry shirts, armani shirts, ann taylor shirts. Ann taylor suits and armani suits
    Dresses: theory, laundry, and a bunch more designer ones, and so on. I may edit, i have to go!
  5. o am afraid to say lots of everything. as i am a keeper so i accumulated these things over the years. some designers but nearly 70% of my wardrobe is tailored ;)
  6. I have a clothes problem... I go shopping at least once a week for clothes (that are not really needed) and spend quite a bit each time. Jeans, designer tees, it doesn't get much worse than me! Well at least Vlad tells me very often...

    Let's put it this way... I have enough clothes to wear something different for EVERYDAY for about half a year- at least :rolleyes:
  7. I used to be a clotheshorse, before I started focusing my funds on bags and shoes :shame: I have tons of tees, but I don't shop much for clothes anymore, since I can't dress too casual at work, and I don't like spending money on work clothes :yucky:
  8. I'm the same as Megs! I think my supply would even allow me to wear something different everyday for a year!!!
  9. I get most of my basics at Old Navy, Gap, & Express. For cute tanks and tees I'll go to A&F or American Eagle. I love 7 jeans and True Religion. Most of my brand name stuff I get at Marshalls or TJ Maxx because I refuse to pay full price when I know I can get a deal on it. My true downfall besides bags and accessories is Victoria's Secret underwear and bras. I am totally obsessed with their Very Sexy padded pushup bra. They make me look like Pam Anderson lol.
  10. Oh I looooove shopping :LOVE: !!!
    I like danish designers brands for very unique and good quality pieces. The more trendy "you only wear 1 season" types of clothes and accessories, I buy them at H&M, Zara, TopShop
    and Urban Outfitters.
    I restrict myself by not buying another closet, so....I tidy every year and give to the Red Cross the clothes I don´t wear.
  11. Oh my. Yes, I am a clothes horse. I have two closets, one a walk-in, full of clothes and shoes.

    I like to buy designer however I never pay retail for it. I do a lot of shopping at Nordstrom Rack and Off Saks.
  12. Gosh...I wish I had an outlet Saks/Neimans, etc. I have an outlet mall close by that I can get some stuff (BCBG, Burberry, etc.).
  13. Oh, I do love clothes! I do not restrict myself to designer brands only. I love to find a good bargain and shop anywhere and everywhere. I just went to my first Nordstrom Rack and went nuts!!

    I will say that my taste in clothing for myself "lowered" a bit after I had my son. I make certain he is dressed to the "nines" before I buy anything for me!:smile:
  14. I am not that much of a clothes horse since I became a "bag" horse. For my jogging and track suits, I like Juicy. For t's and jeans, I like Nordstrom and I go to the outlets near me for Barney's and Juicy, and I like BeBe too! But mostly I just spend my money on bags now!!!!
  15. I don't have that much clothes..but I'm starting to get more into clothing since I'm shedding some weight. I don't buy designer considering I can't afford it, only bags. My clothes are mostly Bebe, Guess, Tommy Hilifiger & Hollister. But, I love shopping!
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