Clothes for Vegas - where to shop?!

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  1. I'm headed to Vegas in June (I know it'll be blistering hot!) and wanted to get some cute clubbing clothes, but I can't really seem to find anything everywhere I look! I want something not cheap-looking (but also not too expensive), unique (well as unique as u can get in these mass produced markets :smile:) and fun...any suggestions?

  2. I find that H&M has some good stuff for great prices. That's my fave store to pick up affordable stuff I need in a pinch, like for vaca.

    Forever 21 also has stuff super cheap. On the more expensive side you've got BeBe. Do you have a mall near you? you should just hit up the mall and see what you find! :idea:
  3. For my trip last summer, I stocked up on flowy tops from H&M. They were cute and cheap. Do cotton for during the day and some nicer fabrics during the night: maybe satin or sequins.

    For these kinds of tops, you can get them pretty much anywhere for a good price. Stores at the mall should have them: Express, Wet Seal, Rampage, JCPenney, Macy's, etc.
  4. My favorite part of Vegas is shopping! Take a couple of things with you, but the shopping there is amazing so maybe you can just buy a few outfits while you are out there. It's not that hot because it's dry heat so it doesn't feel too bad. I ended up wearing jeans at night a lot with dressier tops and it's pretty chilly in the casinos so keep that in mind.
  5. Kinda off topic but important. Be mindful of the shoes you wear during the day. The last time I was in Vegas I had on really cute flat sandals and I might as well had been walking barefoot. The heat from the concrete came right through the soles of my shoes. I couldn't believe it since it wasn't particularly scorching out or anything.
  6. Awesome point!! I've made the mistake of wearing super cute, totally uncomfortable shoes in the day and by nighttime I was forced to wear flip flops because I had no other options. :Push: So wear your more casual comfy shoes in the day and save the cute/sexy shoes for nighttime!
  7. thanks for all the tips guys! :smile:
  8. I agree with the H & M and Forever 21. You should def be able to find something cute; and you can make it unique with great accessories! I know it get hot here in the summer but at least it's a dry heat & not hot & Humid! *yuck*
    Of course drink alot of water (especially after :party: & :drinkup:) and don't forget the moisturizer!
  9. I would check out Revolve clothing's sale if you're willing to pay mid-range ($50-$200?) as they have some great pieces and dress right now, and they tend to stock high-quality clothing and most of it's pretty unique...

    You'll probably be doing shopping there, so the advice to wear comfy shoes during the day is definitely smart. I don't know if you're going with a group or not, but regardless, once night falls, pack a FANTASTIC dress, put on your best heels, walk around the casinos and you'll turn heads ;)
  10. bebe all the way! they're classy, pretty, and versatile all at the same time!