clothes for trip to alaska!

  1. i will be taking a cruise to alaska (so excited) and i am trying to get my wardrobe sorted out. i am not going until june, but i assume it will be cold then as well. if you've been, let me know what clothes/boots worked the best and what you would reccomend.

    also, i am looking for warm leggings. not tights-leggings, but like pants-leggings. almost like yoga pants or something? i dont know, please help if you can!!

    thank you bbs! :heart:
  2. where are you going on your cruise? I imagine up the Lynn Canal- I used to live in a town between Juneau and Skagway on the cruise ship route- have land there and used to summer there...if that is where you are going- in June- it is not necessarily cold there- where are you going? it depends a lot- I have vast advice- but need vicinity- as it varies there...
  3. ^- I agree, depends on where you are going during June-

    but- they ALWAYS say to dress in layers here in AK!
  4. I'd suggest layers - we have a friend that lives there and 80 is considered a serious heat wave in the summer, but the weather can really vary. Jeans, tanks for layering, t's, a few sweaters, light or med weight jacket and boots/sneakers should be good for daytime but be sure and bring a sexy dress and heels for those club nights on board!!
  5. Lived in Alaska for 8 years and June is actually one of the nicer warmer months. Layering like everyone else said is the best route. I remember when I first went to Fairbanks and it was 0 degrees everyone was wearing shorts and I was shocked but apparently it had been a below 0 year and 0 was apparently warm to them.
  6. Just a suggestion - try asking in the travel forums on sites like fodors and frommers. You can usually sort the posts in the US forums by state to help narrow it down. I used the forums a lot to plan a trip recently - everyone was really helpful!
  7. I went on a cruise to Alaska several years ago in July and there was a heat wave - seriously! I had brought tons of pants with me and ended up lounging on deck in shorts. I definitely agree to bring layers. Maybe a fleece - you will not need any kind of "down" jacket, but maybe a puffy vest and definitely a fleece, tanks, long sleeves to layer. It is not too bad in the summer. And some sturdy sneakers or boots if you are planning on a glacier tour.
  8. a fur?
  9. Congrats on your cruise! I live in the PNW and have cruised to Alaska twice. The first time it rained kittens, puppies and it was a good thing we were on a boat! The second time...heat wave and you needed sunblock - lots of it! What will work best is layers (active outdoor gear - the excursions you will have an opportunity to take include things like seakayaking and glacier hikes or something more laid back like a wildlife cruise). A pair of shorts, tank tops, jeans, khakis will serve you well. Definitely a waterproof gortex piece for the rain (a fur outside will be ruined in the rain) a pair of sensible shoes (they will always have extra gear if you decide to go glacier hiking). For the evening, a classic LBD is perfect unless you really, really want to do it up and go for a gown. What is great about cruising is you will see a whole variety of "dress". My biggest suggestion is that if you want to do a spa treatment, be at the spa the moment they are open to accept appointments. this will ensure you get what you want at a time that is convenient (best to book on a day at sea - as you have no other place to go!!) Finally, you will have the most amazing time - regardless of the weather! I love Alaska. I will go again some day...hopefully soon! Bon Voyage!

    ETA: Polarfleece was made for Alaska! In a pair of gloves it will come in handy!