clothes destroyed

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  1. I am devastated. All my summer clothes, including loads of designer items, were ruined with mold.
    I stored them in the basement like I do with my seasonal clothes and I went downstairs today to get them and discovered there'd been a leak and everything in the massive bin had mold growing on it, wet, and had dye from other items. Oh, and there were bugs on them.

    I've tried to wash them and nothing is coming out. the leathers and silks need to go to the cleaners, but I doubt they'll get clean and I don't want to spend the money if they won't get clean.

    My husband has completely brushed off the seriousness of this. I am so sad. I just lost thousands and thousands of clothes. The dress I got engaged in was amongst the ruins.

    We rent and don't have insurance for that. I'm just depressed. My landlord's homeowner's insurance might pay for it, but I feel wierd asking him about it.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I would be really upset too if I lost half my wardrobe. I definitely think you should talk to your landlord, even if you feel uneasy about it cause he's responsible for leaks and things.

    I hope you feel better soon, and look at it this way, at least it gives you an excuse to go shopping for new clothes!
  3. Definitely ask the landlord! They usually have renters insurance. He's responsible for the house and any damage that ensues to your items as a result of house problems.
  4. Wow...that sucks!!! I am so... sorry!!!
  5. wow that does suck. So sorry that happened to you. That happend to a girlfriend of mine she lost all her furs and stuff- the landlord refused to do anything- I am in the process of getting renters insurance now, I have never done so in the past- but too many freak accidents are happening everywhere..
    The man in the bottom apt fell asleep cooking and smoked the entire building up- we had to evacuate.
    Anyone who rents needs to get it- In my state for $60 I am paying a little over 250.00 fo the year about 15.00 a month- averaged in with my car insurance..
  6. Usually the landlord won't cover the content of the rental. The homeowner's insurance usually just covers the building.

    I'm sorry to hear about what happened. I know how you feel. I put all my summer clothing in a box and now I can't find the box. I had to buy all new clothes (which wasn't too bad) but I really miss a few things in there.
  7. This happened to me recently. I went back to my hometown to visit and came back a few weeks later to find MOLD growing in one of my downstairs closets. I had quite a few designer things destroyed. I was so repulsed that I ended up just throwing out most of it. Some of it didn't seem as bad, so I took them to the cleaners and they were able to clean everything.

    I was TICKED off to say the least because it wasn't even my fault. The condo next door and a major leak and it went through the walls to my place. I called the realtor immediately (he manages the place for the owners), and he agreed to pay my dry cleaning bill without hesitation. It stinks because I still threw out the other clothes though because they were really bad and I didn't imagine they could be salvaged. In retrospect, I should have tried to clean those AND I should have tried to get back some sort of compensation for all the clothes I ended up having to toss!

    So, point of story is definitely ask him. He may say no, but at least you tried. And, I'm really sorry that some of your sentimental things were damaged. :crybaby:
  8. I wish I could say something to make it better. I'm sorry.
  9. I'm so sorry!
  10. That is really upsetting, I am so sorry, I would talk to
    the landlord, it can't hurt
  11. That is really upsetting! I feel for you.
  12. Good luck with your landlord. I feel your pain in that I lost my entire closet of clothes and handbags to Hurricane Charley. It was a nightmare trying to figure out all that was in there, and even though I submitted a comprehensive inventory 3 times to my insurance company, they conveniently omitted quite a few items. Having the money to pay for replacement psychologically didn't help because I loved a lot of the items that I lost. Good luck to you because, emotionally, you must be really hurting.
  13. Maybe we could find some positives out of creighbaby and ashakes experiences? Maybe some of those who have celebrity-sized wardrobes can tell us how they safely store their clothes.

    The idea of storing my expensive things in a basement scares me! Maybe it's just the fact that I really am scared of the dark (haha) but I've heard lots of horror stories about basements ruining things like expensive furniture, book collections ect.

    Storage centers probably aren't that safe either!

    I'd really like to hear how people store their expensive clothes so that when I buy a house I can get something set up right away. TIA!
  14. i'm sorry, hopefully your landlord will reimburse most of your loss.
  15. My mother lost half of her clothes to a fire at the laundrymats insurance covered it. I cannot immagine your landlord having no sort of insurance that you cannot file a claim under and if he doesnt I would think that you could take him to small claims court unless there is a clause in your contrat that says they are not reponsible for theft of damage to your items (most apartments have such a clause if you read the fine print). That is why I pay for my own renters insurance.